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  1. I wish i was there too !!! sailor outfits are so cute
  2. wahh too many pics thanks for the update can't wait for the HQ Pics !! here is a jiyeon preview by Galaxy309
  3. Loveee this preformance and the remix! Finally something new
  4. YESSSSSS !! finally they recieved an award that they deserve for the hard work they do! Chinese Queen's Your Awesome it would be even better if they start earning love & awards from korea also as it is their country!
  5. Cr. K-star + syrineQueen + tiaradiadem
  6. T-ara looked flawless today they are soo cute in school girl outfit hope they make a song with a cute concept ! so happy to see them more active these days t-ara hwaiting !
  7. OMG! she looks so adorable and cute can't resist !! wish she updates us more and more with her gorgeous selcas
  8. Qri's second selca OMG! OMG! heart beat stops !!!!
  9. T-ara is looking gorgeous in these chinese dresses!!
  10. hhh iphones everywhere snapping selcas! i can see Qri over there i can recognize her with her weird & cute iphone cases lol
  11. Cr. 混音大叔@weibo + SyrineQueen + tiaradiadem
  12. yup she is right she made it look like a Rudolph ID photo *lol*
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