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    I ship everyone in T-ara but I love HahmKyul and Eunyeon the best :))
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  1. RT @AMAJING93: 올해 생일도 함께 할수있어서 행복했어? 앞으로도 우리 오래오래보자 다시한번 생일축하해 지연아? https://t.co/qpmfl0gga8

  2. RT @6araIGNews: ? Qri left a comment on Jiyeon's post: ??축하해축하해?? https://t.co/oY3b2P0TtQ https://t.co/T3hwOV5h3R

  3. RT @tiaradiadem: T-ara's Sexy Love (Dance ver.) music video is less than 500,000 views away from 50 million! It'll be the second music vide…

  4. RT @SannyThazin: Qri Unnie ☺️ https://t.co/UBbZhSyDzv #Qri #큐리 @QriPretty ? https://t.co/wLmd4SpRGi

  5. RT @6araIG: Eunjung : 초반 Warm-up 풍경도 예쁘고 비도오고 신남 Location : United Guam Marathon https://t.co/j6fGk66ck7 https://t.co/tgBuMLYqDo https://t.…

  6. RT @bqsehjt666: https://t.co/kXfJcDfDYz

  7. At incheon airport waiting for my flight. *The old couple infront of me are so adorable, the old lady took a stolen… https://t.co/7Vj2MmVxRL

  8. RT @qridoodles: Good morning https://t.co/JIp6GvMa8r

  9. RT @qridoodles: https://t.co/DvJwFpnqkD

  10. RT @TopMUniverse: To our dear QUEENS (T-ARA’s fans). #BestFans ❤️ https://t.co/cK2jDAtQYI

  11. RT @kazu930607: JB-Day D-108 20161225 T-ARA Christmas Special Mini Concert #TARA #JIYEON #티아라 #지연 #毎日ジヨン #Queens #9x3+6-7 #ForeverTARA #F…

  12. RT @mbeeediL: She missed Kim Gu Ra.. lol And of course T-ara's debut in Radio Star will always becomes legendary story of a rookie group..…

  13. RT @negredo89: [NAVER] T-ARA lawyer "The rumour about T-ARA has divide opinion not true.. I'll represent them to for trademark dispute htt…

  14. RT @Jingtato: I miss you https://t.co/CV5DueMPO8

  15. RT @MalaysiaQueen_s: Allkpop vs billboard writing an article about t-ara https://t.co/dj59oFUVlq

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