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  1. RT @undressjeon: jk's manual: 1. say what's up to me once a day 2. give me banana milk when sad 3. give me game console when i get bored HE…

  2. RT @shownru: 『to. 셔누』 12/09/17 Let's take both of our souls, And intertwine. — #monbebeselcaday https://t.co/cVjfEx2W6x

  3. RT @undressjeon: his gray eyes, blonde hair, pink lips, and soft skin. someone stop me from swerving to his lane, he is way too perfect. ht…

  4. RT @ohbts8: RT to be in a kpop promo gc ? be active & open dms/follow ? hype everyone else's tweets ? adding until full

  5. @ilysbvs @pxvimin Done

  6. @astrosnsd I'm dying rn?

  7. RT @offclASTRO: 산하 옆에서 자다 찍었어욤 우리 로하가 좋아할꺼 같아소 >< #아잉 #라키 #아로하 #파파라키 #울막둥이 #이럴땐 #엉아 #고마워용 #하는거야 #산하얌 #히힛 #귀요미 https://t.co/R0sXdBwb5D

  8. Ssup deeps and a.r.m.y (s)^^

  9. RT @Taeha4: 꿈을가져요 ~!!

    오늘의 추천곡 힐러리더프 - what dreams are made of

    함께 들어용 http://t.co/TRLzOHzhlj

  10. Orderen Countryside Life by T-Ara n4♥ cancelled my m.I.b ToT

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