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  1. Cuando vea a mi novio sere feliz. No necesito a mas nadie.

  2. Estas feliz porque justin bieber ya no cantara en el ... — No soy tan carajita de que mi mundo gire alrededor de... http://t.co/B626mSlEXQ

  3. I like the feel that some black girls consider me as a black IDK why

  4. Loco, a mi hasta llegaron a decirme que yo tenia 14 años :o

  5. Soyeon-fanboy reblogged me xDDDD @_____nana_

  6. A cuántas personas sigues? — .___. no se porque quieres saber pero.. (chequea sus amigos) 14... http://t.co/VwN7FxtoMM

  7. Mira esto!! @goldishfreckles https://t.co/3xk015Bkck r00d!!! pero en parte me dio risa xD

  8. xxxx it. I speak spanish sorry.

  9. So, is better that this happen to me.

  10. Life isn't perfect so we need to be supportive everytime.

  11. Seriously I don't get what's the big deal. Not every group on every stage do great EVERYTIME. I didn't see the other video but I think it is wrong to insist on ''wow, it was awful''!! Another thing is WHY THE xxxx we always have to care/know what k-netizens say??? Is like we always want to feel bad everytime. Let's just chill out and support our girls, knetizens will always be stupid u__u
  12. I don't get this Queen's drama actually...

  13. (NOT SAYING ACCION POETICA ISN'T GREAT)... pero es una moda.

  14. I saw it and... I really thought it was going to be something more spectacular but... they made Jeon Won Diary shittiest.... and I agree, was not supposed to be with Chris Brown? I'm really disappointed, NOT with my girls but with Chris' crew. Anyways I think they (T-ara N4) made their best and that they did it well outside the crowd reaction.
  15. O___o alguien aconsejeme OMG

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