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  1. Like that they cleared by themselves. It's so cool of them
  2. I don't know if t-ara have chance. But still even t-ara loss, I'll still be happy and support them
  3. I trust t-ara. Even now looking a bit deem, there must be something happened behind that make them not renewing contract. Glad they all leave the company in the end.
  4. I like their mindset and positivity. One of the strongest girl group
  5. Sad that in the end, no comeback though
  6. It warmed my heart that she said she wanted to be strong and stubborn with her members again. They really stood strong despite everything happened. Proud of them
  7. I love reading her interview. You can feel her maturity, and she expressed herself well now compared to the past
  8. They were so gratefull. Please t-ara reunite back & win music show again.
  9. Whenever I feel discourage about t-ara reunite back, I read hyomin's letter. This assured me abit
  10. jungjung1229

    [WEIBO] Jiyeon Update (03/10)

    So pretty. When can I see you in drama. It is impossible no agency wanted to sign jiyeon. I bet she gets a lot of offers. Besides, she is the most popular and for sure many companies want to sign her. Could it be she couldn't find yet the company who willing to let her continue t-ara's activities.
  11. I keep on watching this performance. Never forget how happy they were with the cheering and they were joyful in instagram afterwards
  12. jungjung1229

    [PRESS] Eunjung Media Interview (12/05)

    Actress vibe.
  13. jungjung1229

    [PRESS] Eunjung @ 2017 MBC Drama Awards (12/30)

    Hoping eunjung get invited to more drama award show this year
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