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  1. T-ara had just released their new song 'So Crazy' on August 4th and are already sitting on the first spot of YinYu Tai's (China's biggest music site) real-time Music Chart. The top spots of YinYueTai's chart are currently taken by T-ara (1st), Wonder Girls (2nd), Shinee (3rd) and A Pink (4th). Furthermore, T-ara have made it to semi-finals of the US Billboard-hosted Fan Army Face-off 2015. Having beaten many local (US) artists' fandoms, T-ara is now the only K-Pop group/artist that is still in the face-off. T-ara's fandom (Queen's) will be vying for the championship against the fandoms of international pop star Beyonce, British boy band One Direction and Australian Rock band, 5 Seconds Of Summer. Four of these fandoms are currently competing in the semi-finals face-off. The champion of the Fan Army Face-off 2014 was Big Bang's VIPs. Meanwhile, T-ara had performed their first comeback stage of their new song 'So Crazy,' live on August 7th at KBS 2TV's Music Bank. *** Source: Newsen
  2. T-ara have absolutely gone crazy. T-ara is having their summer comeback with crazy visuals, bodies and dance. Dispatch shares some pictures during their MV filming on 25th of July at Namyangju. 1. Concept: Absolutely Retro Once again, T-ara's new song will have a retro feel to it. A funky rhythm within brass sounds; it's a song composed by hit-song maker Brave Brothers. The MV is a story of T-ara in a navy school. It's something like a T-ara version of 200 Pounds Beauty. A "T-ara Contest" flyer had sealed their fate. After discovering the contest, they decided to transform together! 2. Visuals: Absolute Marine Look You will be seeing the thighs of the young girls at the navy school throughout the MV. They will be showcasing a variety of marine and sailor looks during this comeback. 3. Bodies: Absolutely Nice Their bodies are also crazy! All the members underwent a diet for this comeback and have been doing intensive weight training to get toned bodies. 4. Choreography: Absolutely Disco Visuals - checked! Now on to the choreography. It will be an addictive dance like Bo Peep Bo Peep and Roly Poly. Have you seen it before? a. Stab/Poke Dance This is the highlight dance. A reminiscent of the retro disco dance, right? Lightly rocking their hips while stabbing their index fingers upwards. b. Hip Dance It's a sexy dance? The hip dance puts emphasis on T-ara's feminine beauty. First, stick out and point your thumb upwards while swaying your hips sideways~ See the full set of the 35 behind scene photos in our gallery! *** Source: Dispatch
  3. Hyomin's message: Jjan!!! Hello everyone, I am Hyomin. Everyone have been well, right?? (Using a kindergarten teacher's tone) Seems like it's been a long time since I've written a note like this. We're having a comeback soon and we're feeling both excited yet anxious... All those that have exactly the same feelings and thinking as me, I came to give you strength! Cheer you on! And to receive your strength..! To receive your cheers..... Yes... So I came here... Very surprised that we were having a sudden comeback, right? We thought so too.. Nevertheless, we had previously practised a little bit for "So Crazy", so do not worry, we will work hard to do it well and we are prepared for this comeback. We really want to quickly release a second full album but... How awesome does it have to be if we made you all wait for so long like this, really... I'm also looking forward to it hehehe. Let's dash forward towards a second full album.... We want to quickly release music as good as our first full album Of course, this time's mini album will have great songs too! Please wait a while more for a full album, let's think of this as a bonus time (while waiting)!! Even though I'm saying this, but we're really practising very hard and preparing heukheuk However, if your expectations are high, the disappointment will be bigger so... Please do not have too high expectations for this time's album.. I'm going to say it this way and run away... kiki Nevertheless! Tomorrow is finally our small but awesomely special meeting! We'll be eating together, right!! Tomorrow is our joyful time kyaaaaa Fans that did not managed to get in, please don't be too upset. Because we will have more events like this in the future!! Promise!! Stamp! kwakwakwa And make copies ddaengddaengddaeng After the lunch is over, it'd finally be our first pre-recording (comeback stage)... It's the day of our first performance and I can't sleep, but I might suddenly faint without knowing it Hope everyone will sleep early too. It's quite late right now but.. I hope you will have a happy time as much as we will have. Even if our rankings are not good, or if the (public) reactions are not good... Let's give each other our understanding and warmth!! We also want to stand in front of everyone and not feel embarrassed regardless of who we see... So let's strive towards that^^ Please give us a lot pretty (cheers and support), many many many!!! I'm saying this and while thinking of tomorrow, I suddenly feel like I need to stay under my blanket... Everyone should also be under their blankets and go to sleep!! Throw yourselves under your blanket!!!!! Now then~~~~ Let's meet tomorrow with bright faces~~~~ I'll come again!! Bye!! I love you BByong!! BByong!! *** Source: Daum Cafe
  4. On the midnight of the August 31st (August 1st 00:00), girl group T-ara will be releasing the teaser video of their 'So Crazy' comeback on the official daum fancafe. Meanwhile, T-ara will be holding their first Korean showcase since debut on the coming August 3rd at 11 AM. The showcase will be opened to 120 fans on a first-come, first-served basis, and the first to watch T-ara’s 'So Crazy' performance on stage. Not only will T-ara perform their title song on stage, other new performances have also been prepared. Fans can apply for T-ara’s first showcase via their fan cafe starting from July 31st, 8PM. Meanwhile, T-ara’s first collaboration with hit-song maker Brave Brothers, 'So Crazy,' will be released on all online music sites on the midnight of the coming August 4th. *** Source: StarN HanKyung
  5. Girl group T-ara will be holding their first showcase event since their debut. On 24 July, MBK Entertainment revealed, “girl group T-ara will be holding their first showcase event since debut on August 3rd (Monday).” Recently, it was announced that T-ara will be having their comeback with the title song 'So Crazy' by heat-song maker Brave Brothers. The new title song 'So Crazy' will have a brass sound with an outstanding and funky dance, a song that will be refreshing and cool for the hot summer. T-ara will be performing their new title song at their showcase and will be performing a 6-member version of 'Little Apple.' They are also preparing other performances that will have charms that are unique only to T-ara. T-ara’s 'So Crazy' comeback showcase will be held at Ilchi Art Hall on August 3rd. More specific details will be released on MBK Entertainment’s homepage and T-ara’s fancafe page on Daum. *** Source: TV Report
  6. T-ara clinched first place on a collaboration poll between YinYueTai and Gaon! Queen's have became the most beautiful fanbase. T-ara have more than 10 MVs that made it to the YinYueTai V-Chart 48th week in 2014, making them very worthy of winning first place! From solos to sub-units and full-group performances, T-ara has travelled to many countries across the world, allowing the group to shine brightly in many locations. They are indeed the queens of numerous transformations and worthy of the 'Tiara'. Furthermore, T-ara has clinched 2 awards at the YinYueTai V-Chart Awards 2015, namely 'Star Artist of the Year' and 'Most Popular Korean Artist', while T-ara's member Jiyeon won the 'Best Korean Female Artist' award with her Never Ever solo album. This time, T-ara has also won the latest voting poll with more than 2 million votes and have emerged as the champion! Once again, T-ara has proven their immense popularity among the Chinese fans. *** Source: YinYueTai
  7. T-ara’s Eunjung has been casted in a lead role on KBS 2TV’s daily drama I Love You From Today. Eunjung’s close friendship with producer Choi Jiyoung is one of the reasons for her special casting on the KBS 2TV’s daily drama. Eunjung will be taking the role of Min Chaewon, one of the main characters in the second half of the drama. Eunjung has finished the first round of filming on the 18th. Eunjung’s character in the drama is a confident, free-willed, straightforward and cheerful gynaecologist. Although she has an unrequited love relationship with her university senior Kang Dojin (Park Jinwoo), she has a very opened mind about love. In the drama, Eunjung, along with Kang Dojin and Yoon Seunghye (Im Semi) will be involved in a very exciting and climatic love triangle. Following her casting in KBS’s ‘Dream High’ in 2011 as Yoon Baekhee, Eunjung will be back on KBS’s screen after 4 years. Eunjung expressed her heartfelt feelings, “I’m very happy and motivated. Because the role that I’ll be taking in the drama’s second half will be a very key character, I’m even more motivated and I hope that I’ll perform well.” Meanwhile, as a member o T-ara, Eunjung is also preparing for a group comeback. T-ara will be having their comeback on the first week of August, a break of almost a year since T-ara’s previous comeback. *** Source: DongA
  8. Girl group T-ara’s (Boram, Qri, Soyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, Jiyeon) Jiyeon (22) and Hallyu actor Lee Dong-gun’s (35) dating news were revealed recently. Jiyeon will be MC-ing for the live broadcast of Music Cable TV’s SBS MTV The Show Season 4 today. This will be Jiyeon’s first appearance after the revelation of her relationship with Lee Dong-gun and had attracted a lot of attention. Before the recording and broadcast of today’s The Show, Star News asked Jiyeon questions regarding her relationship with Lee Dong-gun and she answered with a shy and nervous heart. When asked about Lee Dong-gun’s charms, Jiyeon answered while giving a shy smile, “Lee Dong-gun is caring and he treats me well.” Jiyeon made her debut in the music industry in 2009 as a member of T-ara. This is the first time where news about her relationship is revealed by an external source. Jiyeon responded with awkward smile, “Everything is still quite surreal to me so I don't really know what to say.” Jiyeon also had some words for fans. Jiyeon said, “I’m really thankful because the fans have always been here and giving me strength. It (the relationship) is still in its starting phase so I’ll be thankful if you could give me your blessings. I will continue to work harder too.” Meanwhile, news about the truth of Jiyeon and Lee Dong-gun’s dating relationship were revealed earlier on 4th July. Jiyeon and Lee Dong-gun just finished the filming of the Korean-Chinese collaboration movie “Encounter”. After the filming, Jiyeon and Lee Dong-gun became close after sharing experiences about acting and they are currently getting to know each other better. *** Source: Star News
  9. [15.06.14] T-ara to record individual OSTs for each of their web dramas On June 7 yesterday, T-ara held a press conference for their web drama at an APM, a large shopping mall in Hong Kong. T-ara received a very warm welcome and displayed a beautiful image on stage. Seunghee, another MBK artist who will be featured in the web drama as well, also attended and drew attention. Jiyeon is currently in the midst of filming for Korea-China collaboration movie, 'Encounter' so was unable to attend. Despite the recent crisis of the MERS virus, T-ara had proven their immense popularity with the appearance of some 400 fans. In order to prevent the spread of the MERS virus, masks and cleaning agents were provided at the mall. On top of the casting of T-ara’s 6 members and 6 male actors for their web drama, each of their episodes will be produced based on 6 different stories. 6 different OSTs will also be recorded for each drama as well. Meanwhile, a day before T-ara’s press conference (June 6), T-ara received the Asian Idol award at the Hong Kong Youth Music Festival, once again bringing about the Hallyu trend as a dignified girl group. *** Source: TV Daily
  10. [15.06.03] T-ara to attend Hong Kong Youth Music Festival on June 6th; Web Drama Press Conference on 7th This is the first time Korean girl group T-ara has been invited to the Hong Kong Youth Music Festival. For the third time this year, the Hong Kong Youth Music Festival will kick off June 6th at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Center. Asian top stars were invited and famous director Wong Kar Wai was selected as an advisory. T-ara is the first Korean girl group to be invited after being awarded the 2015 Hong Kong Youth Music Festival Asian Idol award due to their popularity and influence in Asia. Following the event, on June 7th, T-ara will be expected to hold their web drama press conference at a large shopping mall, APM in Kwun Tong. A poster of T-ara’s first web drama episode starring Qri was recently revealed and received a lot of attention. Shortly after, the poster of the episode starring Soyeon was released and aroused curiosity. T-ara will be taking a 8:10 AM KST flight on June 6th to Hong Kong. They will be in Hong Kong from the 6th to 8th for their schedules and will arrive back in Korea at 4:45 PM KST on June 8th. *** Source: Top Star News
  11. [15.06.02] Eunjung talks about her driving force and her past virtual marriage on MBC's We Got Married "My entertainment life's driving force is just familiarity." Debuting for 7 years with T-ara, and 20 years since as a child actress; the reporter asks Eunjung if she had a driving force in her entertainment life. She expressed her honest opinions, "since my younger days, I started becoming more familiar with the life of an entertainer (as a child actress then as an idol). I thought of doing other things too but, I guess it slowly became natural to me like 'this is my kind of job.' No matter what, since my younger days, I guess things in the entertainment world changed like how I change my clothes." Among all of T-ara's hit songs, which song does Eunjung have the biggest affection towards? Girl group T-ara produced many hit songs. From lively and cute songs to mature and sexy songs; they have performed many different stages. When asked about which song does she have the biggest attachment and affection towards, her reply was, "there are many songs but if I have to choose one song, it would be Roly Poly. T-ara's charm was more significantly revealed with that stage; the choreography was made by musical choreographers so the song shows a different and interesting color (of T-ara)." Eunjung also said, "I learned a lot about marriage life at We Got Married." A singer, but also possessing charms as an entertainer, Eunjung left a deep impression in the performing arts too. When asked about her feelings towards the filming of 'We Got Married', her reply was, "I guess I learned a lot about marriage life. Since a year and a half was quite a long period of time, I guess just by looking at the facial expressions between my virtual husband and I, you would think that we had became husband and wife. However, we don't have the feelings of being madly in love but we do have the feelings for each other as companions." If you are curious about Eunjung's confession about "We Got Married,' tune in to Arirang TV's Showbiz Korea, airing on 3rd June 3rd (Wednesday) at 5PM KST. *** Source: TopStarNews
  12. [15.05.26] 'Elsie' Eunjung to release Chinese version of 'I'm Good' on May 26th, 7 PM KST A recent photo of Eunjung shown in red hair, well matching with her shining fair beauty and written phrases in Chinese had been released and attracted a lot of attention. The Chinese phrases read, “we have specially prepared a Chinese version of ‘I’m Good’. Everyone please show lots of support.” To show her gratitude towards the huge amounts of love and support from the Chinese fans, Eunjung will wholeheartedly release a Chinese version MV of ‘I’m Good’. After the release of Eunjung’s solo title song ‘I’m Good’, it made it to the number 1 spot on China’s largest music site Yin Yue Tai’s charts and even now, the song remains at the top spot for the third consecutive week. ‘I’m Good’ Chinese version will be released tonight (26th May) at 7 PM KST on MBK Entertainment’s YouTube channel and official homepage. *** Source: WStar News
  13. [15.05.22] T-ara to embark on China Tour on June 20th, first concert in Nanjing Girl group T-ara will start their China Tour in Nanjing on June 20th. According to music officials, T-ara is planning to start their China Tour in Nanjing, followed by Shanghai, Beijing, Shenzhen etc, a total of 6 cities in China. At the recent Yin Yue Tai (China’s biggest music site) V-Chart Awards, T-ara obtained first place with 'Sugar Free', a song that was released last year. They received a lot of love and support in China with their remake of popular Chopsticks Brothers’ 'Little Apple'. Last year on the 27th of December, T-ara held their Shanghai concert, starting off their China Tour, as well as appearing in Chinese TV programs, CFs, filming and other various activities, expanding their fanbase. Furthermore, the latest solo member, Eunjung used the stage name Elsie for her newly released song 'I’m Good'. It made it to the top ranking list on Yin Yue Tai’s Music Charts and had attracted a lot of attention and popularity. Jiyeon will also be appearing on China’s big screens in an upcoming Korea-China collaboration movie, 'Encounter' as the lead role with Lee Dong Gun. Meanwhile, T-ara as a group will actively be engaging in activities, flying to and fro between Korea and China. *** Source: Obs News
  14. [15.05.19] Eunjung to have special duet with Hyomin at Music Bank on May 22nd T-ara member Eunjung, using stage name Elsie for her solo activities, will be appearing on KBS2’s Music Bank with a special performance. Eunjung’s solo title track 'I’m Good', involving a sad choreography that is danced with a male partner had garnered attention. But it is revealed that Eunjung will be performing a duet stage with T-ara member Hyomin, showcasing a different version of the song for the special event on the upcoming Music Bank episode that is to air May 22nd, 6:30 PM (KST). The news was confirmed with this picture of Eunjung and Hyomin rehearsing in the practice room, bringing about questions like: what kind of performance will they be adorning the stage with? *** Source: Osen
  15. T-ara’s Eunjung just made her debut as a solo singer. However, she did not use her actual name, but a stage name 'Elsie' to release a solo album with the title song being 'I’m Good' to start off her schedules. Although she is the third member in T-ara following Jiyeon and Hyomin to have their solo debuts, Eunjung is the first member to use a new stage name to release an album. After debuting for 7 years as an idol, Eunjung is using 'Elsie' to come back as a new singer. Eunjung sat down at a cafe in Jongno-gu Sogyeokdong with reporters for an interview on the 13th of May. She talked about her feelings about the solo album release and some back stories etc. Among listeners of female idol groups’ music, many would definitely know who T-ara Eunjung is. But they wouldn’t be familiar with Elsie. There were even rumors that Elsie is a parody name to imitate the movie Frozen. So why did Eunjung use “Elsie” as a stage name for her solo activities? "It’s a name thought of by our CEO. The name wraps around the meaning of having all sorts of beauty. It includes honesty, straightforwardness, joyfulness, etc. Actually, I feel that if I use my own name Eunjung rather than Elsie, it would have been better. But for the sake of bringing out a better feel of the song, we decided to use Elsie instead of Eunjung. I hope the song would stand out more in that way." Although it is a blind concept, mysterious, but in actuality, many people knew that Elsie was T-ara Eunjung even before the official announcement. Even though Eunjung’s face did not appear in the teaser, netizens pointed out that “T-ara Eunjung is Elsie.” Therefore, the marketing of Elsie ended just like that. "Haha, actually I figured that everyone would know that it’s me. But it’s like a mysterious-yet-obvious kind of emphasis I think? Actually, the fact that many people could recognize Elsie is Eunjung had me relieved. Frankly speaking, B2ST’s Jang Hyun Seung and Secret’s Jeon Hyosung are releasing solo albums right now too, right? Because it’s my first solo album, and with Jang Hyun Seung and Jeong Hyosung, everyone was worried about what I would do." Having debuted in 2009, this is Eunjung’s first time going solo after 7 years of being a singer (including trainee years), and she has a different feelings as compared to when she is with T-ara. Although she is given the chance to display an image that is perfectly unique to herself on stage, she feels the burden of having to fulfil what is required of her on stage all by herself. "Previously, we went on stage as 6 girls, but now, it’s just me and the male dancer. I feel shy and curious at the same time. Furthermore, our CEO wants me to constantly perform better than my previous performance. (laughs) During my solo schedules, it feels like my promotion song: although I’m trying to feel fine being by myself, but in fact, being alone is not easy at all. I prefer having activities with the other members. But in order to present a new and fresh image, I have carry the thought of being ok by myself.” Eunjung had talked about past events regarding the conflict with ex-member Hwayoung on MNet's 4 Things Show while tearing non-stop and received the public’s attention. She revealed the truth behind the past events through an interview. “Because it seemed like we said a lot of things that was misunderstood, so we were very upset. Because I felt that my tears gave the impression that I was wronged, but that should not have been the right thing to do, so I blamed myself. I felt like I should have been more careful, it should not have been like that. Actually, when the filming was over, there were more relaxed moments. It wasn’t because of certain happenings that I cried, but more of because the filming was very meaningful and I felt so blessed that I cried. Because it was a reality and variety show that was filmed over a span of a few days so it became very comfortable. Thank you all (the crew) for making the filming so comfortable and relaxing, a program that wouldn’t get me scolded, I said these words. There was a female producer and director on set that cried after listening to my story; upon seeing them cry, I cried too." A T-ara that relies on their cute and joyous music, to receive huge popularity and support every time they release songs, went through a tough time after the ex-member Hwayoung bullying controversy. After some time, the controversy and debates slowly subsided, but it left a painful emotional scar on T-ara’s members. Eunjung who was thankful for not getting scolded during film shoots was asked how she managed to cope with the emotional pain. “Firstly, I thought of the fans, they are the reason why I was determined to hold on. And I am the kind of person that would admit to something very quickly, so I thought, “so it’s like that” and I slowly accepted it. I also had to think about future activities. The public might not think that I have admitted it because it was not clearly expressed. But I have already admitted and accepted the fact.” Although it has been 3 years since T-ara’s bully controversy, there are still some malicious labelling remarks (labelling T-ara as bullies). Eunjung hopes that giving it more time will be the solution to this. Instead of forcefully doing things (to explain and receive forgiveness), I would rather let time solve everything, put things back in order. “I hope we can be like before. But it seems like it’s not easy to go back to how things were. Giving our best and displaying a good image, everyone’s perspective of us would slowly improve, this is what I think. Instead of making statements, I think it is more important to show our effort and do our best in our activities.” Using the stage name Elsie to stand on the solo stage, Eunjung uses her sexy charms to replace her usual adorable and at times, boyish charisma. In order to display a perfect image on stage, her goal is to use this period of time to show new charms to captivate the public. “To make everyone think, ’T-ara's Eunjung is capable of this image?’ I wanted to display a contrasting look. Besides, after displaying a feminine and sexy concept, I hope to show yet another different image the next time.” Eunjung was asked about her thoughts of what T-ara would be like during their 10th year. Eunjung imagined an image of the members being in their 30s and exclaimed. At the same time, she mentioned that she wants to use the name T-ara to be with the other members, showing her love for the group. “T-ara’s 10th anniversary? How old would I be then? I would be in my 30s. I hope to be able to produce music that would appeal to the audience of that generation. I also hope that we can use the charms of all 6 of us to continue having activities. However, it is not up to us whether we can continue having T-ara activities regardless of time. We must release albums and have fans around. When all of us discussed this, we expressed our hopes of being able to have activities of our own while also continuing as T-ara. This is our burning wish.” *** Source: Star News
  16. [15.05.05] Jiyeon in talks to lead in Chinese-Korean movie "Encounter" with Lee Dong Gun Jiyeon is currently in talks for a movie to set sail from the Mediterranean Sea towards the Indian Ocean on a cruise trip with Actor Lee Dong Gun. An MBK representative revealed to Star News that talks for Jiyeon's casting is still under-way. If finalized, both are expected to be departing to Chengdu, China on the 7th of May for a Korean-China breathtaking collaboration movie 'Encounter.' 'Encounter' will be a romantic comedy about a love story between a man and woman unfolding on a cruise ship sailing from Spain’s Barcelona to the Indian Ocean. Rookie director Kim Jung Han will be producing the work with Korean actors and staffs, and collaborating with the Chinese Media Council. Lee Dong Gun and Jiyeon will be required to do a short filming session in the heart of Spain’s Barcelona. After sailing on the world’s largest super cruise Royal Caribbean Cruise, they will also visit Athens in Greece and Rome in Italy, Dubai in United Arab Emirates etc. The love story will be further unfold across these places. Previously, Lee Dong-gun had appeared on Arirang TV in March and said that he “will be starring in a Chinese movie.” Furthermore, Jiyeon spoke that T-ara have received huge popularity from their promotion of ‘Little Apple’ in China. As such, the movie’s producing team has decided to have Jiyeon as one of the casts. The movie ‘Encounter’ will be on China's big screens in October. *** Source: Sports Donga
  17. We would definitely hope so adding on to the line up of long videos for us to sub
  18. [15.05.04] Singer Lee Sang Min and T-ara’s Eunjung to guest star in JTBC’s Witch Hunt Singer Lee Sang Min and T-ara’s Eunjung guest starred on JTBC’s Witch Hunt and showed off their sincere and earnest eloquence in discussing rated-19 topics. In particular, they displayed their eloquence on previous episodes and were named “red pencil teachers.” After Eunjung’s dynamic appearance, what other kinds of images will she display to captivate the viewers’ hearts? A few filming crew members expressed to TV Report on the 4th of May, “Lee Sang Min and Eunjung are making guest appearances on Witch Hunt and the program is currently under recording.” 'Divorced Man' Lee Sang Min will use his personal experience as a talking point to sincerely give valuable advice to young viewers. Eunjung had previously made a guest appearance on the newest second season, surprising the audience with her spot-on advices. Will she gain even more attention in the upcoming episode? Lee Sang Min and Eunjung’s guest appearances on Witch Hunt episode 91 will be broadcasted on the 8th of May, 11PM KST. *** Source: TV Report
  19. Stay tuned for more updates! We will push out the translations as soon as we can whenever new official announcements are released.
  20. [15.04.28] T-ara Eunjung's unfinished tearful story on MNet 4 Things Show T-ara’s member Eunjung will be appearing on MNet 4 Things Show and discuss about the unfinished story of that time. MNet’s 4 Things Show featuring T-ara's Eunjung will be broadcasted on 28 April, Tuesday at 6pm. Eunjung will be talking about her stand regarding the controversy, her daily obstacles and how she overcame them. Eunjung will be revealing facts about her life after debuting as a child actress 20 years ago on the TV program. Including her surprise vacation with her parents and childhood close friends, how she lost 7kg with Pilates classes, challenging herself to do floral work amidst her hectic schedules, etc. These are the different sides of Eunjung that defined her life experiences over the years. Eunjung said in an interview on 4 Things Show, “every time when I’m appearing on a television program, I'll always be troubled by how the public will see me, I'll think a lot about it. But this time, I’m using a more relaxed attitude and mentality.” “The truth that the public knows and believes, a huge part of it is not what the actual truth holds.” (Eunjung wants to say that a huge part of what the public believes in is not true and does not encapsulate even a small part of what the actual truth holds.) Eunjung’s heart-breaking story that has not been told on any TV program of sorts will be revealed on 4 Things Show. There will be a segment in the program, “Close Friends’ Perspectives of Eunjung.” It will be an interview with several close acquaintances like Eunjung’s fellow cast member Baek Sung Hyun of the drama Queen InSoo; a very close T-ara member that has been through ups and downs and many obstacles with her, Hyomin; and a fellow peer who was initially chosen to be part of T-ara and went through pre-debut trainings with her, currently a member of girl group Spica, Jiwon. All of which will be revealed on Mnet's 4 Things Show. Preview #1: Preview #2: Translated from Mandarin to English, translation taken from T-ara Bar.
  21. [15.04.25] Jiyeon mentions China Tour 2015 in a Korean-Chinese Interview! In Jiyeon's recent photoshoot with Ceci Korea for CB Cream, she was interviewed by iQiyi, a Korean-Chinese news site. By now, I am sure most of us know that T-ara will be having a China Tour this year. They had been talking about it after signing a contract with Longzhen Culture and their Shanghai concert was supposedly the start of their China activities. Just a short recap, after the Shanghai concert, T-ara was invited to China several times now for various Chinese TV programs and recently clinched three awards at the Yin Yue Tai V-Chart Awards 2015. In the interview with iQiyi, Jiyeon mentioned again about T-ara's China Tour activities in 2015, which most probably will be soon! Don't forget that it was reported that they will be having a web drama coming up real soon too. The subbed video of the interview is below, enjoy!
  22. [15.04.21] T-ara’s Eunjung to appear on MNet’s 4 Things Show... "Because we made a mistake, we endure it.” After the broadcast of Kim Heechul’s episode this afternoon, a sneak peek of next week’s episode revealed that Eunjung will make an appearance on the show! During the short preview, Eunjung asked, “we know that we've became transparent (to the public), but can’t they judge us again (give us another chance)?” She also mentioned, “we can feel their hate,” and “it feels like we created a majority versus minority image (discrimination.)” Also, “because we made a mistake, we endure it.” It seems like the hot debating topics of 2012 was touched upon, regarding ex-member Hwayoung and her leave. It is expected that many viewers will be paying close attention and concern to the show. Eunjung’s episode will be aired on 28 April, 6PM KST. *** Source: MyDaily
  23. T-ara's agency MBK Entertainment recieves 80 billion won cosmetic project with Brunei T-ara’s agency, MBK Entertainment , has received a 80 billion won mandated project from Global Star Marketing. On 15th April 2015, a MBK Entertainment representative said that a "Letter of Intent for a Korea-Brunei Cosmetic Collaboration Project was signed. Over the last 9 days, the Brunei Sultan has acknowledged and signed an MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) at the BEDB (Brunei Economic Development Board).” Furthermore, “Korea-Brunei Collaboration Business was offered by the Brunei Government Minister’s Office BEDB a 16-hectare lot at Brunei Salambigar Industrial Complex. Halal cosmetic products can only be produced in a plant building, which has a 30-year lease that will be given to Korea’s IMK Group to support R&D, labor and local employment costs. State-owned enterprises affiliated with the Brunei Ministry of Finance have investing plans in the next 3 years, 200 million won each and surmounting to 400 million won,” the representative explained. BEDB and IMK Group have signed an MOU to have MBK Entertainment’s artists T-ara, Son Ho-Jun, Kim Gyuri, Shannon, etc. to be promoters of the Global Star Marketing Project. About 80 billion won for advertising and public relations have been mandated under Global Star Marketing. A comprehensive business cooperation is also currently proceeding. MBK Entertainment side is scheduled to use Hallyu Star marketing and IMK Group’s cosmetic products technology to explore within the Muslim’s halal blue ocean market. *** Source: Naver
  24. [14.10.30] T-ara surges forward with multiple interviews by various Chinese media outlets! In light of the official announcement by MBK Entertainment and Longzhen Culture of T-ARA's venture into the Chinese music & entertainment industry, Chinese media outlets like Sohu, Sina, NetEase and even Tudou have stepped forward to interview our girls. All of the translations for these interviews can be downloaded at our Subbed Videos section, be sure to watch them for a better idea of their plans to expand in China! Sohu Interview 141016 The start of the interview consisted of general questions asking T-ARA about songs they like, what do they do in their free time, exercising regime, etc. The main crux of the interview was the question about T-ARA's plans to release a Chinese album (with Mandarin songs of course). Soyeon mentioned that they will be releasing a Chinese album at some point and to show support for their upcoming China Tour in 2015. Sina Interview 141024 The interview started off again with questions about their recently promoted album (which all of us are so familiar with already) and general questions about their lifestyle. What was interesting about this interview was that T-ARA was asked why they were known as a "chameleon girl group" in the sense that they are able to pull off so many different unique concepts. This is something that is worth mentioning and deserves merit just for the fact that the interviewer actually did some research on T-ARA's background. T-ARA also mentioned that they will be appearing on various media like dramas, variety shows, CFs and even movies in China. Once again, they mentioned the China Tour that will be happening in 2015. Tudou Interview 141025 (before KMW) Before the interview even started, the video gives us a peek into what would be discussed: T-ARA is interested in working with Jackie Chan during their activities in China. Even though the interview is a tad short, the main things that us Queen's want to hear are covered. Once again, the China Tour 2015 is mentioned by Hyomin and Soyeon tells us that all members in T-ARA will be making appearances on various media works but this time did not specify what types. Of course the most important part is all of them are getting exposure, which is the best for T-ARA. Boram told us that all of T-ARA members idolize Jackie Chan in some way and would be very happy and honored if they had the opportunity to work out something together with him. Let's keep our fingers crossed shall we? Eunjung gave us a tease about "Little Apple", telling us that they would be considering performing the original choreography on stage although the song will be remade. Net Ease Interview 141028 The whole setting of their latest interview yet, with Net Ease is a rather informal and fun one. The interview did not cover much and seemed more like promoting the individual songs of their And&End album, apart from just "Sugar Free". On a side note, Hyomin mentioned about Number 9, which is by far their most popular song in China, just by looking at how they maintained their first place on YinYueTai for as long as I can remember. Nevertheless, the end of the interview was a very short display of their Mandarin skills (still in the learning stages of course). And there you have it, a short summary of each interview with influential Chinese media bodies, notably Sina and Tudou. What most important is that T-ARA keeps giving us a confirmation and also a bit of a promotion of their China Tour that will be happening in 2015, duration and exact commencement date still yet to be announced. Aside from the tour that would mainly comprise concerts and fan meets, they would be appearing on the Chinese television and the big screen. Expect to see T-ARA in various posters around China too since they would be having CFs as well. All in all, a big win for T-ARA in China, and hopefully would increase their popularity across Asia, and ultimately international presence. Of course we should never forget that this would contribute to their popularity and public recognition in Korea as well, inevitably. **** Source: Sohu, Sina, Tuduo, Net Ease Cr: vancew90 @ Diadem
  25. [14.10.20] T-ARA to release the Korean remake of "Little Apple" by Chopstick Brothers on 6th November! T-ARA will release the Korean remake of Chopstick Brothers' song "Little Apple" on the 6th of November 2014! The remake is a collaboration between T-ARA and Chopstick Brothers and will be rearranged and composed by Shinsadong Tiger. "Little Apple" is a very famous viral song in China that is known for its interesting and fun lyrics and melody, matched with its hilarious (and even ridiculous) MV that is generally well-received by all demographic groups. According to MBK Entertainment that manages T-ARA, their remake of "Little Apple" will be tweaked and focused on T-ARA's style and strengths. The lyrics will be simple and the melody of the song will definitely be addictive because of its catchy tune. In order to attend SBS MTV The Show production recital that will be held in Shanghai on 21st October 2014, T-ARA will be flying from Incheon Airport to Shanghai at 8:45am tomorrow. Furthermore, after T-ARA's concert in Shanghai on 27 December 2014, T-ARA will officially start their promotions in China, ranging from appearing on variety shows, possibly even dramas, CFs and many more media-related activities. ***** Source: Tenasia Translation via T-ARAchina.cn by vancew90
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