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  1. edit: tvdaily's pictures are higher res and newsen and stoo.asiae have multiple repeats and lower rest, so I'm just sharing tvdaily's and one picture from stoo.asiae that both newsen and tvdaily did not have! Credit: tvdaily + stoo.asiae + tiaradiadem + vancew90
  2. Looking stunning as always! Can't wait for her performance to be broadcasted tomorrow and her MNet MCOUNTDOWN! performance later on
  3. I might be wrong but CCM's youtube might actually have a lesser outreach to Koreans as compared to dispatch.co.kr, which would explain why CCM might actually be harnessing on dispatch's audience. In a way I would say, is a rather ingenious tactic and might not actually harm the ratings and views of their own official release on their own yt channel. Afterall, fans would know that views on their yt channel would boost Hyomin's ratings right? Especially the Korean fans, doubt they will watch/replay/stream videos that do not contribute to their idols' ratings.
  4. Based on previous experiences though, I think CCM would probably release it earlier, probably in 2-3 hours time. Since I'm sure they're aware of the leaked video, a smart choice would be to release it earlier so that people will start watching the official one.
  5. I would want to hide behind her wall any time too So it was indeed a leak. There are even behind the scene pictures before the official release of the first teaser video... Is it a similar gimmick as Apple before an iPhone launch?
  6. I'm guessing Hyomin doesn't realise she don't benefit from the video over at dispatch's channel? I'm quite sure that since rankings are so strict, probably only official video releases would count. I honestly think there's a miscomm or some sort. Anyway, Hyomin's teaser looks as lack luster as Jiyeon's first teaser video. One thing I exceptionally like is the use of bright colours as compared to Jiyeon's dark theme. I'm thinking this solo will be pretty fun (pretty & pretty fun, ok don't mind me) both of which are Hyomin's traits As much as the teaser might seem underwhelming, I'm sure it's just another one of CCM's tricks or promoting gimmicks to surprise viewers with the end-product.Let's just hope that this mistake is just us overthinking it. For all we know, it might still be counted since dispatch can be considered as an 'official source' for celeb news in South Korea right?
  7. I love this outfit a lot too, but I'm wondering why no one has uploaded or shared the performance VOD for today. Can't wait to see her perform 1분1초 in this outfit!
  8. New updates! Credit: newsen + osen + starnews + tvdaily + tvreport + tiaradiadem + international bnt + stoo.asiae + news1 + vancew90
  9. Yes I saw it and I was excited when she was promoting Hyomin's solo debut and ALSO T-ara's upcoming comeback. I'm guessing it'd be about a month after Hyomin's goodbye stage, which puts it around end of July, early August. I forgot where I read about Soyeon's solo would be scheduled around September, not sure about this rumour but I can imagine it coming true if Hyomin's solo proves to be successful too.
  10. Jiyeon will on and off favourite certain tweets directed to her Twitter account for about 5-10 minutes and unfavourite them, so I'm guessing Jiyeon is still lurking around somewhere I think she probably has a secret Instagram account or something considering her exceptional interest in taking selcas and pictures! Hopefully she would make her Instagram public soon or something, or at least like Qri. But yes, the MinYeon feels!!! Jiyeon is pretty fast with these stuff concerning Hyomin 효민니 화이팅!
  11. I think the collab just means it will be Hyomin feat. Loco or something like that. He'll probably do a duo rap with Hyomin, considering Hyomin's a pretty good rapper herself. Sorry but is it just me or does her skirt do not look like a skirt at all (I know it's confusing)? Anyway, I would be expecting Hyomin to be in tight jeans or or shorts rather than a skirt just because of her punky image so far. Even if it's a skirt, probably a really hip-ish one, can't wait
  12. Hahaha I would think so too!!! It's probably her first time or something brewing at the cafe and for 40 fans! Anyone would be worried about serving bad coffee to them. Then again, I'm sure the fans are really just there to support her even if her coffee is not up to standard! If the girls wants a sip of our drinks during a fan meet or fansign event, I doubt anyone of us would mind at all! Then again, the managers and security behind them won't allow any of this sort anyway
  13. This just made my very, very early morning great. As much as it might sound disgusting or stalker-ish, I'm sure many of us wouldn't mind drinking from a cup that is drank by any of the girls first I thought she was tasting the coffee from the carafe at first too, but it seemed like she was trying to have a whiff of the coffee before serving. I'm thinking Jiyeon's brewed coffee would probably taste at the very most 50% of the quality TOM N TOMS CAFE normally serve? I wouldn't be surprised if it tastes nearly as good though, considering the kind of 'chef' Jiyeon is! We might be shocked Nevertheless, I'm sure it'd taste like angels' saliva wine to Queen's anyway...
  14. The fanchants were REALLY REALLY DAEBAK. I could clearly hear a group or a few groups screaming for Jiyeon. Especially the part where she pull off her jacket and did a chest wave and also the hair flip part. Compare this with the start of her promotions, I seriously think she got more fans and greater support. This just means good news for Hyomin and I'm guessing, Soyeon or Eunjung that would be the next soloist to shine.
  15. Credit: newsen + osen + stoo.asiae + starnews + tvdaily + tvreport + vancew90 + tiaradiadem
  16. I seem to have a thing for girls in jeans and tees, especially our girls. They're dressing very casually but yet look so stunningly beautiful and charismatic I can tell she has lost some weight too! I thought I was only imagining it. She should remain at this though, she looks great enough
  17. Credit: newsen, tvdaily, stoo.asiae + vancew90 + tiaradiadem They're so lovely Anyway I'm guessing they're not gonna be 'joining' the party per se right? They're just there for a street casual wear kind of event, like the other fashion events at DongDaeMun etc? I saw some commenting on FaceBook that the party is pretty 'adult-themed' because of the nature of the club being beach-ish.
  18. Omg I want to be there too... ㅠ ㅠ My dream is take a selca with Jiyeon and T-ara, hopefully that will come true soon Just need the time to either fly to Korea or Japan, or hold on to a tiny glimpse of hope that they will come to Singapore or Malaysia...
  19. I was waiting for this!!! She looks absolutely like a precious girl in this, just wondering when did they record this. Looks to me like the time when she was shooting for the International BNT? The dress looks familiar to me.
  20. I'm actually surprised Jiyeon won the "battle" against Hyosung. Those watching Arirang KPOP are generally from western countries? Sorry but I have this stereotype that westerners don't really like skinny/slim type of girls, but rather more curvy and fleshy girls like Hysoung. Anyway, kudos to Jiyeon who won this!
  21. When Jiyeon eats, she abandons all idol image and devours her food like a true dino hahahaha
  22. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g6Mh-Nwssk Credit: 지연 (티아라) + taranumbernine + tiaradiadem + vancew90
  23. It says HD but it really looks like it's 240p or something... Nevertheless, amazing performance as usual! 화이팅! Also, getting pumped up for T-ara's appearance (like finally) coming up soon!
  24. Rooting for Hyomin to do as well as Jiyeon or even better since this sexy concept is one that has always been her strength! I love the punky touch to it as a fresh addition to her sexiness but at the same time not deviating away from what she's best known for. Hope Hyomin will receive lots of love from Queen's! This would definitely make the other girls' solos having higher possibilities of coming true, especially Qri's and Boram's since they're often living in the shadows of their more popular sisters. Whatever support or fame that comes to these individual girls will be considered as a collective result for the ENTIRE T-ara. They are promoting as a solo artist but often referring themselves as T-ara's members. These solo debuts are just platforms for them to explore concepts that are more complementary of their own individual styles rather than a group concept. They're creating their own flavours, and the end product will be a well-blended T-ara. Look forward to the flavourful T-ara that will come at the end of this journey, with the fervent support and love from Queen's. United we stand!!! 화이팅!
  25. Look at this outfit reminds me of her 'reunion' with Mason Moon They look really really cute together! I'm sure her kids (in the future) would be as cute and handsome as Mason Also, the last GIF shows how hot Jiyeon literally is, she's perspiring... But still infinitely beautiful.
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