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  1. huh? i dont understand.. lol

  2. lol you're confessing? HAHA

  3. first row? omg tht's so awesomeeeee. i wish i was nearer :X
  4. haha sure thing :) continue supporting diademsubs~ :)

  5. hello there. haha im not subbing for this week's episode sadly hahaha. but normally it'll take around 1 week or so for the whole ep to finish, i guess. but also, you'll have to depend on who's available and how fast we work :)

  6. hahaha yeah i took them, together with my friend i have no idea how to post the better resolution on here, cant seem to get the link.
  7. it's time for a new status lol...

  8. hahah yeah :) you're welcomee~

  9. yeah im from singapore~

  10. hahaha you post alot? yeah, i kinda got into t-ara like super long ago, thats why i got an account quite long ago. but i wasnt really active until now lol~

  11. lol hi~ yeah..finally found me? i thought i was here all along.. you're not digging deep enough~~

  12. hello im bored.

    1. kangeunri
    2. Sweettreasurer


      don't be bored i'm here to cheer up you!!..grrr..LOL


  14. the heading is wrong? its supposed to be eunjung jiyeon? haha lol
  15. ^the pictures got removed due to hotlinking and stuff yeah...so there's only one.
  16. hahahaha i see my friend's photo! anyway i think more photos are coming up. there's actually a better quality of jiyeon doing the heart. should i like link it here or something?
  17. omg, what time did t-ara leave for bangkok? does anyone has any idea what time will they reach thailand?
  18. thanks for the share! omg i dont think i've watched a fancam of this anywhere...have to go find them now~~
  19. hahahaha jiyeon, sucha poor thing. go to this show and got to know about her condition~ :X
  20. cant wait to see eunjung and suzy make up!~ omg. really like to watch this series (Y)
  21. is the cameraman jiyeon biased? haha. she's so cute and happy~~ (Y) too bad there isnt eunjung ):
  22. thanks for sharing! but who is the guy there? hahaha its good to see that they're really close (Y)
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