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  1. It's Hyomin's style... Hopefully they will grow back till fall or she will add extensions. Also not liking colour, way too ordinary.
  2. Such a misleading title, none of them are in bikini...
  3. lol she's perfecting her selcas it seems, good for fer and her fans hehe As her fan I strongly disagree with your statement. Yeah she looks very lovely in these pics, no doubt, but effect could be 10 times greater if she'd be a blonde still.
  4. nah don't think she has the time to lie in the sun. Summer is very busy time for most artists, T-ara included.
  5. Yeah right, T-ara in bikini's. never gonna happen, sadly.
  6. I know it's the same Qri but compare these pictures to her pictures when she was blonde. She looked way more beautiful back then.
  7. very artsy photo, I wonder who took it
  8. I think I have seen either this pic before or that girl on the right somewhere... Something is very familiar about this...
  9. omg when will Qri get her own episode? It's been ages since I've seen her in this show... Yes that's right, last time she appeared in episode 8, and she won't be in the upcoming episode (ep15) either, what the hell?...
  10. I don't see Dani as part of T-ara for the same reason I don't see Jiae and Jiwon as part of T-ara either. Why? Because they have never debuted as T-ara. Period. I know you will write an essay why you disagree with me and how "wrong" I am. Don't bother, save your time. I have my opinion on this and you have yours. It's too obvious that we will never agree with each other.
  11. omg Qri without sunglasses AGAIN! Can't wait for QulWang's edition, pictures will be fantastic!
  12. Qri is on my mind

  13. Sapphire isn't really piraty, but I like it nevertheless
  14. Target got nice choreography indeed! I like shooting part especially!
  15. there's that so called "manager" following her, or you meant that no other T-ara member is with her? Anyway Qri is a shopaholic so no surprise here. and yes lucky fan, still my life dream would be to get a picture with Qri while she's with her golden hair. I think she looks the best in that colour, So yeah, Qri at her best and me, ahh, in my dreams...
  16. Hey look it seems that Target got it's own choreography! Can't wait to see the full dance!
  17. Soyeon likes the smell of Qri's hair Who wouldn't?
  18. @Jaster18 also tweeted this: Eunjung raps Areum's part in Bunny Style Jiyeon raps in Sexy Love Qri in Lovey Dovey Boram in Target & Yayaya but yeah, I must see/hear for myself to believe this!
  19. Yeah I also hope that someone is filming this, wanna see/hear Qri's rap in Lovey Dovey!
  20. Comeback as 6 original members sounds too good to be true, but definitely worth a wait! And I don't think that they will disappear entirely till 2014, they should have many concerts till then. So yeah, even the most impatient shouldn't have problems waiting for their comeback! And about Dani, that name brings goose bumps to my skin already. If she will substitute Areum for "country side" then its fine, but really, in my opinion they should ditch her asap or she will get more fans and more tears from them when her contract will be terminated/expires..
  21. They don't look sad/tired to me, maybe a bit exhausted from the heat but that's it. They all look sweaty, so I assumed that its very hot there
  22. Very glad to see Qri without sunglasses in the airport for once! Funny how that happens during summer, when sunglasses would actualy make sense Don't like her haircolour tho, I want my blonde Qri back
  23. Yet T-ara debut was as a 6 member group and without Jiae and Jiwon. So yeah I would say originally it was a 6 member group. What was pre debut? Who cares, no debut no group. Also if it was Areums voluntary decision how come on the same day CCM announced that Dani will be joining N4 (and I bet T-ara as well)? Coincidence? Yeah right.
  24. greaaaaat It was a matter of time I guess but I will never support this kid.
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