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  1. QBS - Quit the BullSh*t! Seriously guys, name is good, simple yet meaningful, way better than say generic "JP unit". Also Qri will be the leader, Soyeon the main vocal and Boram will be the "visual" of QBS. But I've no idea what that is suppose to mean lol. Does that mean that always quiet Qri will become their spokesperson during concerts/interviews? If so that should be quite amusing
  2. QBS sub-unit is planning to show off the sexy charm completely different with the image that has shown in the T-ARA before. Cre: tamaka If it's true then oh boy, they will hit the jackpot among fans like myself at least!
  3. I have no idea how it works, or what EMI plans are, but looks like QBS will have only a week to promote their song?? O.o I'm worried... either they don't expect it to be popular/good or they want to save cash by promoting both T-ara and QBS projects all at once. Anyway, at least we know that QBS will get their own MV and this is what I am most looking forward to
  4. News that made my day! lol, is that even possible? and yeah fantastic news! Now that we know the date, waiting should become more bearable! I just hope that EMI won't be a bunch of dbags and won't start blocking all the QBS activites and their MV from Youtube. Those Japanese man, they don't wan't goodies to spread outside their borders....
  5. You can't expect to see thousands of fans when you do not promote T-ara in the West... CCM isn't even using Youtube to do that and it's the easiest and cheapest way to promote something. I dunno, maybe they think that if songs aren't in English, people In the West won't like them... But that's silly and Psy proves the point. Hehe I'm such a big fan of T-ara, but I've never heard of this group 4 or so months ago. It's how well CCM is promoting it in Europe. So sad.
  6. Yeah maybe new hair colour is for her new concept for JP unit and she will go back to being blonde after promotions for JP unit will be over. I will hold fists for that Or this was just an old picture and we are getting worked up for nothing
  7. She has long hair, always had. Why would she need a long hair wig? O.o Anyway I love this pic, but I hope it wasn't made recently. I just prefer Qri with long blonde hair . In any case, can't wait for her comeback!
  8. Along side this picture she wrote: it's finally been delivered^^ I've spent all day inside the car..keung, Mom, Dad I love you^^
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