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  1. 5주년축하 고마워요."고마운마음"이란 이토록 소중하고벅찬느낌이구나.란걸 나는 우리팬들로 인해서 갈수록 절실하게 느끼고있는것같아.곱디고운사람들..^-^나도 꼭 힘이되어줄께요.그런사람이될께..늘 힘내게해줘서고마워. Credit: Boram's Twitter + Zelo + tiaradiadem
  2. I participated LOL. I seriously want a autographed Never Ever album Or maybe just a Make Up album, either is fine
  3. 미안해 솔직하지못한 내가_♩ 정의의 이름으로 너.를!!!!!!!뙇!!!!! Credit: Boram's Twitter
  4. I believe this is you? http://www.tiaradiadem.com/forums/topic/25130-covers-t-ara-treasure-box-pearl-sapphire-diamond-edition-0716/#entry420951
  5. 요새 마음이 편하지가 않아서 교보문고로 책을사러 갔다가 발견한 4권의 책.나는 책을1권 읽기시작하면 기본 하루는 꼬박넘기는걸..오늘은 그자리에 앉아서 2권이나 읽었다.다리는좀아팠지만 눈치안보이고 참 좋았다. Credit: Boram's Twitter + Zelo + tiaradiadem
  6. 뭐먹으캉..•_• Credit: Qri's Twitter + Zelo + tiaradiadem
  7. *slap* what about me D: nobody loves you ): Love you too (: ;D Mine's quite long I LOVE YOU, ALL OF YOU Let's be lovey dovey with each other, give each other some sexy love, be with each other day by day since it's time to love. :3
  8. 压力太多了 T.T

  10. everyday we chew ~apink

  11. 그대 내가 보이긴 하는지?

  12. 이게 너와 나의 차이라고

  13. I'm not of legal age I'm still alive \o/ Screw you guys for leaving me alone. I don't think Robbe's the only one needing a stretcher?
  14. Oh my, Amber's a gentle'man'. Eunjung's beautiful in that white dress and shoes and with that hairband.
  15. 叫天, 天不应 ; 叫地,地不灵。

  16. Ah yeah, welcome. I get that often. Er, nope. Don't wanna cheat on Jiyeon. Talking about her, she's waiting for me. Tootledoos~
  17. ^ Congratulations on your promotion lol. I remember the first T-ara MV I watched was the 'other one'. When I was 9. LOL. That Seounghun kid better not flirt with Eunjung when he grows up ._.
  18. Eunjung's blonde hair *squeals* Superb performance over here. Their costumes totally fit with the stage props and the song.
  19. RamJi is just..Aww >o< Cute :3 FakeMaknaexRealMaknae Hyomin is so beautiful x3
  20. Jiyeon's injured >.< She's injured at the exact same spot two years ago... Take care,dino..I don't want it to happen again..
  21. Happy birthday to me :)

    1. Tara_4ever


      Happy birthday....

      WYATB!!! <3

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