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    T-ara of course!!! Princess Qri is my other bias, then comes Hyomin as my second bias', Eunjung, Boram and Soyeon are and will always be in my heart as well!!!
    T-ara 6 was and is the Best for me and them!!!

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  1. Totally awesome for Our EUNJUNG!!! A redemption for the 'Five Fingers' fiasco. HWAITING EUNJUNG!!!
  2. Thank you so much for all the Queens for their great Famcams!!
  3. Aloha craZy, Wow! I have not seen these Photos /Shoot?! Is there a physical KWave Magazine that I can buy??? Thanks! ohagi
  4. Aloha @redsummer, If you do see or hear of the Ads, would you please DM ME!? Thank You for all your hard work!
  5. aloha @redsummer, I saw on Weibo some CNQueen actually had a Printed copy of these Ads. And, I would like to get these if they do 'Print' these for the Stores for hand outs. Have you seen these in Print??? Thank you very much!
  6. I've asked over and over。。。。but, I will ask again!?!? ANY CQUEEN HERE HAVE ANY CONNECTIONS TO GET THESE 'CELUCASN' ADS FOR ME???????????
  7. Just Look at My JIYEON in this Poster and you can tell that She will be Super Vibrant and Superb in Her role as one of the Leading Actresses!!!
  8. Such Beautiful Photos from PERFECT Human Beings!!! muah! ^0^
  9. I totally agree! My PRETTY QRI is just a Goddess of all 86'ers'
  10. We (T-ARA) just keep getting Better and Better!!!! Have you ever seen another Idol Group as an Entire 'Visual' Member Team!!!! Just Drop Dead LOVELY!!!
  11. I really Love these 'CELUCASN' Ads。。。。I just wished I could Collect them all!!!
  12. WOW!!! Thank you very much for the wonderful Photos of the whatshouldido Mini Fan Meeting in Thailand that I could not attend to! How much did the did last Auction go for???
  13. All the Gyrls looked so Pretty!!! It amazes me that Eunjung appeared so relaxed and refreshed after jetting back and forth between countries like a ping-pong ball every other day?!?! I am still so jealous and envious that I could not attend the Event when I had the chance to be in the front rows to actually see Them unobstructed!!? Oh well, someday soon! I will just keep Supporting Them from the background without Them knowing Who I am??! Have fun for Me Queen!!! HWAITING T-ARA!!!!!!
  14. OMGAWD!! I don't know about any of you girls, but Us guys are just about to die from My HYOMIN in a swimsuit with Her Exceptionally KILLER S-Line Body This is a must have addition to My T-ARA Magazine Collection!!!
  15. Ignored :-)