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  1. Thank you for doing the giveaway! Hope I have a shot Good luck to all!!! Happy 5th Anniversary T-ara!
  2. I really love the teaser and I just know that Jiyeon is going to pull through and provide us with something utterly amazing. I am so excited
  3. Can't wait to see the performances from the concert!
  4. I love this game so much I had so much fun playing it! It's such a great game; it helps me relax and makes me laugh a lot also! I really can't wait to play the other games in the series, I bet they'll be just as enjoyable, creative and damn right hilarious as this one is!
  5. Areum's hat is soooo nice here i love it. I'm glad they go for casual clothing yet it fits in with n4's concept
  6. I'm feeling optimistic about this and I'm excited to see what the new five versions will bring
  7. So gorgeous and beautiful wow *_* My dreams are coming true. She also changed her Twitter dp!
  8. Cramming for history ><

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