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  1. Today stats: 2 new unfollowers and followed One amazing person via http://t.co/vZQwBmiXG7

  2. RT @SMSNSDcom: [Picture] 130601 SNSD @ Lotte Department Store Promotional Picture (2) http://t.co/yTOoVvNOjk

    - ohmy YULSIC

  3. How is myself??? cant even remember which site i have downloaded that princess t-ara ep 5 eng sub from dailymotion..


  4. Today stats: One new unfollower via http://t.co/vZQwBmiXG7

  5. RT @taratamakaseru: She 25 now but the way she write like she was.. eight (!) http://t.co/TsJE13vJma

    - for left handed way of writing

  6. san.o pa ni planu ka SM nga ipakita MV nga Wolf man?? na.imbyerna na ku kahulat..

  7. excited for Rainbow's comeback.. Hahahaha

  8. RT @vicegandalines: #WhenIWasBataPa: I try to make haircut my barbie but I always end up making pugot her head nalang.

  9. how are you everyone!?

  10. RT @craZy18gurl: Heh...hehe... RT: @ioooou: “@soshi_bond: Sunny patting Hyomin's butt at Dream Concert http://t.co/0o9Rsq0mAn” @craZy18gurl

  11. [Taeyeon Instagram] [TS♥] 정키 - 홀로 @watasiwahyo #멍 #soulless http://t.co/Oo5C0erMqs

    - lol I thought Yuri is the one beside Jessica.. Its Seo

  12. dafuq taeny.. your drowning me..

  13. RT @taratamakaseru: Next T-ara (all mems) Korea comeback may from mid August - September. Long time to prepare ~~

  14. People come and go in our lives for different reasons. Sometimes we want them to leave, other times we. #fb

  15. Sometimes you have to be brave and believe that you can change your fate. –Belle (Enchanted Tales) #fb

  16. Today stats: one new follower and one new unfollower via http://t.co/vZQwBmiXG7

  17. Today stats: one new unfollower via http://t.co/vZQwBmiXG7

  18. RT @TaraHolics: Qri will be the leader of T-ara new Japan sub-unit "QBS", Soyeon the main vocal and Boram will be the visual of the group.

  19. Today stats: 2 new unfollowers via http://t.co/vZQwBmiXG7

  20. RT @minjoo: Beep Beep is actually the MV that shows what happened inside the studio bus before Love & Girls. This is like the RDR-Oh “story…

  21. RT @T_araQueens: Hyomin instagram update http://t.co/Nq3fRKUdQ4 http://t.co/tX2ATTTrD8

    - hyomin looks really enjoying

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