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  1. this is so sudden but well it bet there will be a lot to expect. i trust Jiyeon and Hyomin. they can be great solo performers since they have charms and skills that can captivate people's attention. and i'm sad that Queen's are fighting out there just because of this -.-'' CCM is just not yet reveal all their plans, that doesn't mean the other members won't have activities.
  2. oh dear, the photobook was amazing! thanks so much for posting...i was breathless because of the solo photos ))
  3. although some ppl may think the images are not so unique and there's nothing special abt them but the main thing is that this voting is made because of the fans, not T-ara or CCM. it's like T-ara now want to have more interactions with fans and by letting them interfere in T-ara's concepts is a way to thank fans the rice cake event, the surprise fansign, the promise for free hugs if they win no.1... i feel that more than ever, T-ara is existing for FANS
  4. wow i'm so excited..........................................tomorrow i have class at 1pm so i just have 2 hour to spazz abt their new teaser >v< (my country timezone is 2 hour earlier then Korea's)
  5. wow this is daebak!!! what a creative idea ^^ imagine T-ara members in a fighting game....LOL it would be really interesting! Diadem staff, pls keep it up ^^ P.S: will game be downloaded for free or must be bought? how much would it be?
  6. Jiyeon changed hairstyle again T__T i really liked prefer her in short hair and i wish she just kept it like that at least for some more time @@ but Qri's new hair is very refreshing, i love it ^^ Hyomin's better in brown hair but she's so hot here in black hair too )
  7. that was impressive @@ i mean there are really not many groups that can be such optimistic like our T-ara. but to speak the truth i don't really hope much for this plan...well, at least they have fans there who will buy their music, but USA is a whole different system. however i have no other choice but to cheer for them. let's just wait and see
  8. my dream has just come true? Hyom with tattoos ! P.s: is it Hyomin's voice repeating after the Minnie toy in the video? she sounds crazy LOL ))
  9. wow look at Jiyeonie, her outfit is perfect today. not a kid anymore haha Hyomin's is simple yet beautiful and elegant. really love it. but is that REAL TATTOOS??? wow daebak
  10. that's good to hear Eunjung will be the MC of such a big event. wonder how she will sing an English song ^^ will there be cameras?
  11. is it really a photoshoot? hehe the girls seem to have fun with it ^^ Jiyeon OMG i worship you LOL at 1) Hyomin's arm muscle ) 2) Qri's T-shirt....what the...
  12. i agree LOL. it's a weird name, and they DIDN'T wear bikinis as well, haha. hope this isn't that kind of ...well i guess since it's from T-ara we can expect sth different from the cheap sexy music slut girlgroups usually do and since when T-ara started to pose exactly the same like this??
  13. Hyomin, when did you fashionista turn into an ajumma.....
  14. that's totally what i'm expecting to hear. they need rest and other awesome groups under CCM should be more focused on too. however i must be missing them A LOT don't you think we should now think of what's better for T-ara themshelves? i think putting Dani to N4 is a good decision. she's already known as a T-ara member-to-be by all the media and she was the one who introduced T-ara to CB as A T-ARA MEMBER. now you can just put her to another groups cuz i will surely cause controversy again and CCM will get in trouble for yet another stupid move and ppl will think of it as 'using Dani' so that's why she should go to N4 not original T-ara as she can still be an official T-ara member and promote in USA, where her role is more suitable (she speaks English and she's better with USA culture) at the same time T-ara's lineup wouldn't be screwed up as T-ara's concept (which is usually classy and mature) is not suitable for Dani and vice versa. Super Junior is a group that has some members only promote in China like Henry/Zhou Mi so Dani could be like Henry/Zhou Mi of T-ara and that's better 6-ara is perfect already and should be kept forever
  15. he made it completedly different from the original >< the remix's not bad though.. but...can't they have a proper cameraman and a high-quality camera to film?? hello isn't that an 'interview'? respect? ><
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