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  1. I want dis photo as my 3rd award Admin, make it happen pls cause I'm in n for uncle fan, just support her n let her do her thang... I'm sure sexy concept was always her style to begin with... I support her chest oh I meant cmbk
  2. LMAO @ popular girl group wonder girls n popular boy group teen top but T-Ara is just a singer girl group who da fudge wrote dis article lol
  3. bring bk number 9 n sugar free style, it suits u more my Queens n pls no more brave sounds lol
  4. dat was bootyful n faptastic YASSSSSSSSSS!!! luv my Queens, DIA n Shannon
  5. They all looked very pretty especially Jiyeon btw, where's Hyomin pic?
  6. take it, its yours lol good or bad its a learning experience while movin forward at da same time... dis might be da road to capture da whole of china hehe great wall watch out for my Queens comin thru
  7. Yaaaaasssssss Bish Yaaaaaaaaaassssss!!! best news of da day, just made my day
  8. Thank u for da report Hyomin n Eunjung dat was fun to read nnnnnnnnn I missed my DINO
  9. YAAAAAASSSSSS!!! after dis movie, she will be actin in a popular Historical Chinese Drama.... u hear it first here
  10. congratz to my 6 Beautiful Queens n especially my wife *to be* Dino ... many thx C-Queen's, u guys rock my sock
  11. only boram can fell dwn n fart stars
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