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  1. RT @bankingonkismet: Yung proud na proud pa din ako sa performance ng UP kahit di naman ako gumgraduate dun. I've always rooted for them fr…

  2. RT @____PantheR: That whole Hype Williams fish-eye lense era of music videos in the 90's ?????? https://t.co/QKVvVMFd51

  3. RT @nengsu_: happy anniversary to my ult girl group who invented bops since 8 years ago #8YearsWithAfterSchool https://t.co/VrGUOp4G3G

  4. RT @japanstrinity: nayeon deadass showed 2yeon in front of momo dsfkhsdkjfhmjd https://t.co/PxoTqFt7ZG

  5. RT @tccandler: THE 100 MOST BEAUTIFUL FACES of 2016... OUT NOW! https://t.co/t0hKXq5P8m #100MostBeautifulFaces2016 https://t.co/BFMpZyP4SE

  6. RT @amber_twt: rt if you https://t.co/PQqO6QaCOQ

  7. FENDI. MICHAEL KORS. WOW! https://t.co/74LiXTqIgF

  8. RT @godmyoui: TWICE SHOWCASE FULL TT PERFORMANCE #TWICE #트와이스 #TT https://t.co/1uFQB0YrZo

  9. @TEAM_TWICE https://t.co/xk57pn7FDn

  10. RT @nayeonspapi: Happy Birthday to the real king of Sass and Kkab, JoKwon! https://t.co/NXtboEqeTx

  11. RT @KPOPVS_: [REQUEST] Most unfair scandal ? RT for #Tara FAV for #Tiffany https://t.co/LQcGRljfIS

  12. RT @kpopgainmutuals: rt this to gain snsd stan mutuals, follow everyone who retweets this and make sure to follow back

  13. RT @chasemylovex: TWICE is amazing. they're cute and girly but they also have edge and they have fun personalities and everyone is pretty.…

  14. @jroyaaal mentions tab(?) Hahahaha! Di ko rin alam XD nakikigaya lang ako kasi naririnig ko eh

  15. i just wanna lay in my bed https://t.co/Mzdi4UlIHZ

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