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  1. Are these files available to download from Google Drive or other file sharing?
  2. I found these photos of Jiyeon on Twitter just now. This looks interesting! https://twitter.com/silversun219/status/646963691347251201
  3. This would be awesome. He has more money than he could possibly spend in a lifetimes no matter how many Apple watches he buys for his dogs. So really the only incentive he has to sign T-ARA is that he really believes in T-ARA and wants to promote them. I mean the guy spent truckloads of cash for them to play at his birthday party and goes to their concerts so he's obviously as passionate about the group as we are. I support this.
  4. "According to a relevant media representative" Yeah "relevant" to whom? I'm skeptical. MBK seems to be the only media outlet who hasn't said Elsie is Eunjung.
  5. T-ARA continues to display superior determination and personal character by creating albums full of great music (not just one track and 4 filler tracks but entire albums of good songs), giving back to the community by performing numerous charity events over the years, paving the way for the Hallyu in new international markets, and never once throwing anyone under the bus for any of the adversity they've faced. They have the respect of their peers in the industry and leave good impressions everywhere they go. Regardless of what Koreans think, T-ARA is the true gem of the Hallyu and anyone who knows T-ARA and doesn't think so, well they might be hopeless.
  6. This girl... she's too much! That little black dress gives me CGI nosebleeds too. XD
  7. 어제 오후. Yesterday afternoon CR: Ham Eunjung, @sweetgirlej + Google translate + cptfantasy + tiaradiadem
  8. #비행기#내옆자리 또 너 #지연#큐리#집에가자 #슝 http://phhhoto.com/i/e6IAPS1f9ar by ssoqri #phhhoto https://twitter.com/QriPretty/status/526230890481868800 CR: Lee Qri, @qripretty + ssoqri@phhhoto + CptFantasy + tiaradiadem
  9. http://instagram.com/p/ukD2QyvKvA/ LOL CR: Park Hyomin, @hyominnn + cptfantasy + tiaradiadem
  10. Did Jiyeon take that first photo? XD (In some recent photos at Incheon airport, T-ARA was given the opportunity to take some photos with photographers' cameras and the photo Jiyeon took was really blurry.)
  11. [TRANS] A haircut and color that I’ve never tried beforeI really should never do it!! I had a blonde bangs wig so I just thoughtlessly put it on to try it and then.. Cr: Transbot@tumblr
  12. MTV 더쇼 제작발표회 중국 상해 >>> 한국 돌아가요~!bye CR: Lee Qri, @Qripretty_Original + cptfantasy + tiaradiadem
  13. #한국 도착 집에 가자~ 한장 더 ☝#셀카...#여자미 #미안 http://instagram.com/p/ucLM-zB3Ka/ 급 선물 받음 마침 다써가던 중에 like it♡♡♡#lip_balm #red_lip 꼬까 입었쩌요 #토토로 와 #소동이 #블랙페키#페키니즈#페키#peki#black #말티즈#마르티스#maltese#white#커플룩 CR: Park Soyeon, @melodysoyani + cptfantsy + tiaradiadem
  14. Now there are a lot of comments showing up on Hyomin's instagram that say "Wooo! Sexxxy mama!"
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