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  1. [FANTAKEN] T-ara at Shanghai airport heading back to Korea (08/07) Previews cr. 不如朴智姸的狗@weibo + 愿晚风带走你的身影@weibo + 大贝贝_离不开jiyeon@weibo + Baidusoyeonbar@twitter + 皇冠旁的张先森@weibo + JiyeonHolic1100@tiaradiadem HQ FANTAKEN cr. 皇冠旁的张先森@weibo cr. 唯命T-ara@weibo cr. T_araBar@weibo
  2. [PRESS/FANTAKEN] T-ara at Incheon Airport back to Korea (08/07) cr. asiatoday + newsen + TVDaily + xportsnews + jiyeonholic1100@tiaradiadem Previews cr. duoryan@twitter
  3. "포켓몬 잡으면 피카츄 된다" cr. qtfreet@instagram
  4. "뮤지컬 '알타보이즈' 메튜 역으로 돌아온 우리 첫 과대표 해준이:) 그리고 재은이와 지원이까지 함께한 오늘 동국대 공연예술학부 48기 화이티잉!!! 다 보고싶다ㅋㅋ #이해준#정재은#양지원#아침청소싸이버거없어도우린아직" cr. sweetgirl_eunjung@instagram
  5. "주문중. 다리를 왜저러고 있냐며" cr. sweetgirl_eunjung@instagram
  6. "#sunshine #lunchtime #yesterday #sonatural" cr. melodysoyani@instagram
  7. "Thanx Thai Queens #ขอบคุณค่ะ#และ#รักนะ" cr. hyominnn@instagram
  8. "doctors came to me (because i did shooting so I couldn't go out.) just small Accident but they came for me really thank u ...! I ll be good #prickle" "I met big bear" "see you" cr. sweetgirl_eunjung@instagram
  9. "#바닐라코 #투키세스 #듀얼틴트 #두번이더좋아 #바닐라코틴트" cr. jiyeon2__@instagram
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