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  1. OMG. Boram is so cute in that picture. Eunjung's 3 traffic coloured hair clip is indeed attractive! Thanks for sharing the pictures ! Congrats to them too ! haha
  2. everyone just look stunning and pretty ! nice smile from hyomin. good share of a japanese magazine ! thanks !
  3. T-ara going into all the different segments of media ! congrats to hyomin ! this is super great news ! Thanks for the translation ! Cheers!
  4. oh yeah ! this video is way cool. i can learn this dance already lol! love the choreo very much !
  5. ah missing their collab. gotta open my TTL and TTL2 perfs for a view these days! great to know they are still in touch ! woots! t-ara fighting ! cheers!
  6. Wahahha, good choice on T-ara as models. Gaining popularity ! Hope to see even more T-ara CF ! LOL Cant wait for this !
  7. awesome news! eunjung and jiyeon ! hyomin too! bet it would be a nice piece so anticipating it... cheers
  8. similar hair styles, no wonder the resemblance ! LOL. Qri is so doll like. very big and pretty eyes too ! haha
  9. Haha, congrats to them ! they are receiving so much attention. it is about time dont ya all think ! so glad for them ! Roly poly is a hit!
  10. Cool. Lol. Gonna watch this show then. Eunjung and Hyomin! Good things come in pairs. Hahaha
  11. Woah. Everyone is anticipating. 40 countries is a freaking huge area! Omg. go TARA !
  12. aw god. cant get enough of the first one. been listening it all the time come on. leaks please. haha
  13. i really like her retro style. she carries it best among her members, its like built into her ! lolol cheers.
  14. this is great news for T-ara. they have been working hard and one cant miss the bubblyness~ go T-ARA ! cheers!
  15. t-ara fighting!. catchy tune and awesome dance choreo. haha this is so gonna be a next hit. think i might have listened to this song a dozen time alr for the past 2 hr roly poly! cheers
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