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  1. are those last two paragraphs were also translated from the news or translator personal thoughts? Sorry but I'm kind of confuse here.
  2. ok... i've been fooled... tx in advance... sincerely, me
  3. the part where u said that he/she make a mistake is true... cause they r not supposed to upload it at all.. this is Japan we r talking about... they DON'T release any MV/PV for free(i mean that they r some, but rarely)... they have that thing called copyright... n they r so brutally strict about them.. u want it, you buy it.. p/s: the PV that were uploaded on internet r taken/recorded from a japanese music program(sort of MTV)... and i bet all of them r being taken down for the sake of that copyright thingy...
  4. [14.02.17] Video HD - Showbiz Korea: T-ARA MEMBER HYO-MIN'S MOVIE JINX https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b963ngg4e_I Credit: ARIRANG KPOP @ youtube
  5. tbh, i don't xpect much from their teaser... but hearing the song as a whole now, it's actually a good song. really love that shoobidooby part.. p/s: at least they know that they should love books, not ripping n burning them..
  6. i think you had forgot to post this pic along with others...
  7. it works just fine... oh my, this album sure bring back memories... what a precious collection... tx for ur hard work...
  8. sadly the file does not exist... maybe u should check your account privacy...
  9. tx for the translation.... i shouldn't cut onion while reading this... BTW i think the feeling that they want to deliver reach me... Yeah T-ara Fighting!!!
  10. Well, maybe this is the answer to your question: "Despite various times they felt bitter about their controversy, all members admitted they have matured. Instead of promoting with the goal of #1 in mind, T-ara promoted with the thought of rewarding the fans who still believed in them." Credit: Nath So, just be happy cause we know they loves us all...
  11. that's why they r our Queen forever... their mindset r always pure and clean... this article make my tears fall... hug meeeeee pleaseeeee,......
  12. just to make u wait... n wait... n wait... that's all...
  13. wheeeeeeeeee.... another teaser which means another thing worth waiting for... ahhhhhhh, just wake me up when September ends... hmm, i don't know that 31st Sept exist...
  14. woohoo... feeling happy for her.... now November feel so far... huh...really can't wait to see her act...
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