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  1. arrghhh... this video not available at indonesia... pls can someone upload again... tq..
  2. hmmm.. anyone know how the rating after eunjung appeared?
  3. Oh my god... Hyomin so beautiful in this photo... anyone know when this photo take?
  4. wahhh.. soyeon really like areum in first photo... really queen of selca.
  5. i'm very proud to be Indonesian Queen!!! hope T-ara will come to indonesia as soon as posible..
  6. is this official video? Japanese version as good as korean version...
  7. T-ara in simply kpop arirang ? Woh.. This is not common I think... The first time?
  8. what are live show is this? is it theater?
  9. Oh my my my... T-ara very mature now... positive side from scandal last year... T-ara figthing!!!!
  10. i agree with u, this mv just release cause high demand of Drama Ver, but cause CCM not make Drama Ver they just release this as Ver 2. Still they are all beautiful in this video...
  11. i think hyomin look tired... cant see the bright aura from her..
  12. I think the incident make T-ara become better and better... Eunjung answer always good. N like always Qri Boram Jiyeon not answer much. Hope the best for T-ara!!!!!
  13. OMG!!!!!!!!! All of them so beautiful georgeusss..... like this video very muchhhhh...
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