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  1. chapter 3 updated 



  2. @bhinnekacom Puas belanja di bhinneka karena layanannya cepat, brg terjamin mutu dan kemasan rapi #BelanjaOnlineMurah http://t.co/G8312WVnHq

  3. T-ara holds first domestic solo concert 'Dear My Family' on Christmas http://t.co/i6hQFHotBT via @allkpop

  4. Way to go girls #슈가프리...my dongsaeng #티아라 http://t.co/bPrNVErFwv via @MoodThingy

  5. congrats for both T-ara and Queen's... thanks to fellow Queen's all around the world... T-ara deserved that...
  6. Everyone! Vote for T-ARA - Sugar Free for Kpop Music Mondays! http://t.co/nMeZw0pxK4 via @eatyourkimchi

  7. hello...is there a way other than using PayPal to send my payment? Because my PayPal account still limited access so i cannot send any payment through PayPal (i don't know what to do about that because even after i verified my card and got confirmation that they remove the sending and withdrawal limits on my PayPal account..until now my account still limited...sigh...)
  8. 티아라, 카리스마 있는 무대로 컴백 @인기가요 Inkigayo 140914: http://t.co/uLT52UCj5P via @YouTube

  9. thank you for your hard work, good work great team...
  10. [Event] T-ARA is the 2014 Mwave K-Pop Star World Champion! http://t.co/g2OsuW58gT

  11. I just voted for #TARAN4 as the best Asian pop debut of 2013 #SBSPopAsia http://t.co/9Xx2FdVh85 #PopAsiaTARAN4

  12. t-ara fighting!! #넘버나인

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