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  1. ASDASDADFVVXCVMXKGRW WOAH. Blonde Eunjung! And, aww yay for Hojun!
  2. I'll say what I said on youtube. I think this video was really poorly made. It was pretty out of focus half the time, had no real plotline (I think they just filmed this for the teaser tbh, and since the demand was high they released it as an MV too) and the colour grading of the video kept shifting. It was really annoying. Lots of the shots look handheld too. Like i feel like they didn't really hire a pro. Like woah. I could have done that. Anyone could have done that with a DSLR and Lightroom and like three hours. I feel it totally didn't do them, or the song justice. Still, I'm a big fan though.
  3. I think that is for the whole program up to that point. So the money would go to other families interviewed also.
  4. 20:25-20:28. I love Qri's face there! Hahaha!! Thank you for posting
  5. hahaha i am so happy for IU and Jiyeon! Oh and haha, i heard it as "i'm madding". Hahaha! So many interpretations
  6. Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh asdfjk I'm really excited! The pictures look great too, not overly photoshopped!!!
  7. she looks pretty. But i have to point out a glaring problem: they spelt coming wrong. O.O
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