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    What is Qri apologizing for?


    She's sorry for being too cute?


    She's sorry that I'd been losing sleep after seeing images of her on her bed?

  2. This is a bit off-topic:


    For all you Playstation 3 / Playstation 4 owners with games that enables you to listen to your own music (I've got Gran Turismo 5), pop your T-ara CD's into the Playstation and let it rip the CD and store it under your "music" XMB menu. The songs gets ripped in faac format, which will not take too much of your disk space (if you're worried).


    Remember to set your games to play music from your own library, then you'll be well on your way. I've been listening to my "Again 1977" when I play my GT5 this past weekend. They help a lot with the endurance races.

  3. She misses the whole objective of bidding a good night, it's supposed to make the receiver of the bidding sleep better.


    I was fortunate that I only saw it this morning; if I have seen it last night, it would have cost me a night of sleep because I'll keep thinking about how pretty she is...

  4. I must admit, I know Jungie looks great with glasses. Here's my argument:



    Minnie wears glasses every now and then, and she in my opinion fits the nerdy look the best.

    Dino's nerdy look is very cute.


    I didn't expect Qri's nerdy look to be this cute!


    My word... I know we're well into winter now, and they think they're doing us a favor by regulating our body heat, but this is really overdoing it XD , and I like it when they overdo things: like when they overdid everything in the MV of Roly-Poly in Copacabana.... :D

  5. I read she had severe indigestion.


    My digestive system gives me trouble from time to time. It might be new to some, but the digestive can cause all sorts of damage to the body. The nausea and the fatigue alone would be enough to send anyone rushing to the hospital.


    I'm glad she's better. I hope she eats and sleeps well. I hope they all eat and sleep well. They deserve them.

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