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  1. Three beauties in the same pic. Daebak. I could look at Qri all day.
  2. I'm very happy for them. They have been my ultimate kpop group since Bopeep Bopeep. They have been through so much and I am so very happy that they won an award in Kores.
  3. I glad that they will be promoting in Japan again. Maybe we can get something like Princess T-ara! Like someone said....Conquer Asia and then the world!
  4. The girls look beautiful as always. I wish that I could see them live just once.
  5. Hyomin did a great job tossing the first pitch. She was pretty excited about it too...very happy.
  6. T-ara rules! Love their interviews. Are they still doing the China tour? I thought that they were doing one a month until December? I don't recall seeing anything on the Aug 15 and Sept 5th concert. Were they rescheduled due to their comeback?
  7. She did a very good job and she is very excited ti be there. Love this girl!
  8. I'm really glad to see this. I just wish that I could be in Pittsburgh that day! Kang Jung Ho is doing very well in the major league and is in the talk when it comes to rookie of the year. A great honor. He must be a very good friend of Hyomin to have her fly all the way to Pittsburgh to throw the first pitch. I hope that she practices well and throws a great pitch!
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