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  1. I'm excited for this comeback but I feel bad for Hyomin. They photoshopped her top off for this picture and from her insta it seems she doesn't like it. I'm afraid it's a repeat of Jiyeon asking not to do so much "exposure." Don't get me wrong, she looks really beautiful and if I thought she really wanted to pose that way I wouldn't mind, but I hate the thought of her having to do it without wanting to.
  2. WHAT?! OMG!!! I thought they had said to Korean promos in 2015....?! Well I am certainly not complaining!! I hope the song and the concept will be something fun and new, but still true to T-ara's style~
  3. Yeah!!! So proud of our girls. Although I admit I'd love a Korean comeback, I'm glad they're doing soooo well in China. While some other companies are having issues promoting there our cuties are cleaning up Get those CFs, get those fanclub numbers, get that hallyu success~ And then come back to Korea and remind everybody how much they missed you
  4. As long as they're happy! TBH the age gap is a bit weird to me, but if he treats her well and they're happy that's the most important thing.
  5. Eunjung finally getting to belt it out again! Boram and Qri have more lines!! Everybody looks amazing. I'm a little displeased with the lazy hip swaying dance...looks a bit bored? Maybe it'll be better live. Looking forward to performances!
  6. ichi

    [14.06.14] Jiyeon,

    If this was just 50, I can't wait to see 100! I would have given her a perfect score of course but part of what I like about jiyeon and all of t-ara is how they work to get better all the time.
  7. Perfect. If her solo effort is received well right after Jiyeon's--and I'd be really surprised if it wasn't--it really will do a lot towards t-ara's image. And that teaser, wow *__* I'm so shocked at CCM handling these promotions well that I don't know what to do _D_ Keep it up, CCM, for our girls~
  8. Oh my gooooooooooooooooooood. So excited. She looks great T^T Who would expect anything else though... Can't wait to hear it!!
  9. ichi


    I'm glad if the solo projects bring more positive attention to all of T-ara but it's a little melodramatic so say they've been ignored lately. Number Nine especially did well. I think by now most people understand that there was an issue with the group but that it was not on the level that antis wanted to make it out to be. A couple nutty antis on the internet is not -everyone-.
  10. As expected. Like the OP says though, it's likely to drive more traffic to the original MV out of curiosity. While I think it's pretty silly to get all in a bunch over a sexy dance, if Jiyeon doesn't care and it doesn't impact her negatively...really makes no difference~
  11. Love seeing the girls support each other! Jiyeon has been so cute talking about how she wants to represent T-ara well, I'm glad to see the other members showing their love and teamwork too.
  12. It's really heartening to see how much she's thinking about T-ara's success through her very own debut. Even in her big moment she's thinking about the other members and how she can help them succeed ;;
  13. Sad to see she even had to clear up something so stupid. As much as I dislike CCM and would have liked to see her stay in T-ara (I get the feeling I'm in the minority on this? lol), I still want to support her.
  14. I'm surprised to see people commenting on Dani's Chris Brown connection as a good thing. The US debut has so far been pretty embarrassing and frankly I can't imagine it getting better. Chris Brown may still be highly regarded by some but I really don't think he's a person T-ara wants to be associated with in the long term and I can't think he's actually going to do anything for their career.
  15. Seems like the beginning of the end for CCM. There's no way all of this together is a coincidence. I wonder if there will be news of a lawsuit or something coming out eventually. As much as I love t-ara, I almost wish this whole horrible company will just crash and burn so all 7 of them can go somewhere else.
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