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  1. is it available in english language? i want to join a diadem team!
  2. Sso really needs a solo debut soon. I can sense insecurity in her or envy at most. The girl is talented, I hope they give her a chance, MCing gig is good too, since she likes to talk.
  3. I'm guessing the movie isn't mainstream, maybe indie. It's becoming a trend nowadays, asian countries importing actors from other asian countries. Ma isn't an A-list actor yet but I hope this will be his breakthrough. Eunjung is older, he is same age as Jiyeon. I hope the story is good so it will be a huge hit.
  4. Conquer asia! And then the world. And make sure Korea will regret abandoning you. That's complete vindication.
  5. Eng sub soon please. :-D I can hear DIA's song on the teasers, maybe it's the ost.
  6. K'Queens you know what she means. She wants you to all go out on music shows, let your voice be heard, your votes be counted and money be spent on their 'SO GOOD' yet 'SO CRAZY' comeback.
  7. Jiyeon just trolled MBK and posted a spoiler of their own MV in her IG. Anyways, I can't wait to be 'Totally Crazy' for the comeback!
  8. C-Q's jjang! I wish K-Q's would make a lot of noise too, especially on the August comeback.
  9. It's going to be No. 1, charts, sales, downloads, views everything. I'm claiming it.
  10. Thanks for the reply. After getting the head, what is there to do? How to i give it to ej?
  11. I just downloaded it now and I thought I'll be having a hard time solving Qri's but I'm stuck with Eunjung's game, help anyone? I already have the pillow and the tissue stand, but i cant pick up the rilakumma head. It's fun though, thanks for this, any sequel soon?
  12. As long as she's happy, that's ok. I really hope the relationship is sincere and not just some promotional strategy. From here on T-ara will be collecting all the good-looking oppas for their bfs. It would be epic if Boram gets to keep the youngest boyfriend. My eunyeon ship has been shaken though, but it's ok...it's ok. :-)
  13. The title is 'sweet temptation' with no leading man? I'm guessing (hoping actually) that the leading man is someone popular.
  14. "...it doesn't necessarily need to be a man..." i have to re-read that part again. i guess i'm reading too much fanfics.
  15. @CptFantasy But it's convincing, i can hear eunjung's voice in there and the song sings about 'being alone makes me comfortable' in the lyrics, which is supposed to be eunjung's debut song
  16. I'm a bit half-hearted about this... I just watched the whole mv and I love the song, but I'm unsatisfied about certain things: 1. The song is too short. 2. She can't even debut with her own name. 3. Minyeon got to star in their mvs but not her. 4. and the solo debut isn't a solo but a duet. I hope they'll promote another track along with this.
  17. The preview looks promising, can't wait for the full eng subbed show. Other than Soyeon, I think there's no other member who could express well about that 2012 scandal than Eunjung because she has a way with words and from what I see she's not that afraid to touch that topic anymore. It can't be helped that every time there's a T-ara interview, the scandal will be dug up over and over again. T-ara won't stop explaining until they receive the love that they deserve and Knetz won't stop until T-ara disappear. And eventhough they are receiving much love from international fans, unfortunately, it won't be enough because it would be just like being loved by friends but neglected by the parents. I just hope that T-ara will be able to make it back again. One hit song and new K-fans that have a lot of money is all they need.
  18. Be it a high belting heart wrenching ballad or bone snapping dance music, I'd take it. no more coffee house 2.0 please. I hope to hear Eunjung's voice as raw as possible, with minimal auto tuning and the likes. it looks like they're going on ascending age solo debut, just hopes qri could get to riff some bass guitar soon.
  19. Is there anyone who have photos from the photoshoot that was shown just before they performed little apple?
  20. sbs pds are really giving t-ara a lot of opportunities, jiyeon's the show, chinese popularity award... sbs is becoming my fave k-station
  21. best outfit for the nice body promotion
  22. Just dressed in simple black and yet looking very classy---that's Hyomin. The 3rd pic makes me wonder what they were talking about for Hyomin to have that expression
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