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  1. Hello, I'm using Opera Mini 7.6 as browser and it only shows a blank page everytime i click a topic on the forums whether mobile or web view. It used to work before and I did not do any change on my phone, so I'm thinking it's some bug problem with the site making it uncompatible with o.m.

    Right now, I'm using another browser but I still prefer accessing the forums with O.M.because it loads faster especially with the photos. If someone could help, I'd be very grateful ;)

  2. favorite soloist, i'd say EUNJUNG. (vocal skill-wise)

    Best Solo Debut: JIYEON, (charm-wise) good A side and promotional strategy, plus, i think this was Jiyeon's turning point, from T-ara's dino maknae to a hot woman, after her solo, i never saw her the same again.

    Best solo song: FAKE IT -HYOMIN, nice body was just not effective plus the fact that the song was covered by controversies

  3. Appearance: QRI, Jiyeon, Eunjung, Hyomin, Soyeon, Boram

    Vocals: EUNJUNG, Soyeon, Hyomin, Boram, Jiyeon, QRi

    Acting: EUNJUNG

    Charm: JIYEON, Hyomin, Eunjung, Qri, Boram, Soyeon

    Dancing: EUNJUNG, Jiyeon, Hyomin, Soyeon, Qri, Boram

    General (bias): EUNJUNG/JIYEON, Qri, Hyomin, Boram, Soyeon

    Cuteness: BORAM, Jiyeon

  4. The preview looks promising, can't wait for the full eng subbed show. Other than Soyeon, I think there's no other member who could express well about that 2012 scandal than Eunjung because she has a way with words and from what I see she's not that afraid to touch that topic anymore.

    It can't be helped that every time there's a T-ara interview, the scandal will be dug up over and over again. T-ara won't stop explaining until they receive the love that they deserve and Knetz won't stop until T-ara disappear. And eventhough they are receiving much love from international fans, unfortunately, it won't be enough because it would be just like being loved by friends but neglected by the parents. I just hope that T-ara will be able to make it back again. One hit song and new K-fans that have a lot of money is all they need.

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