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  1. I love it when Qri go for not-so princess-y poses, I hope T-ara do a concept like that.
  2. In a sea of Hyomin and Jiyeon updates (not that I'm complaining), it's nice to see this one...but it seems all the members loss weight.
  3. cuuuteeee~, the mini album is taken literally hyomin fighting!!!!
  4. fashionista hyomin + osaka view =picture perfect as always
  5. according to wiki the preceding trilogy were comedy. I'm not having my hopes high with the 'lead actress role thing' but i'm definitely looking forward to seeing this.
  6. worried a bit about this...shorts' too short, it looked like she's not wearing any. I can just imagine the hate and mockery she'll get from this. I just hope the song's so good, she'll blow them away.
  7. this is my first time screaming (in my head) over a photo of a feet.
  8. steal their hearts away!!! so it's a dance song for her. i'm suspecting hyomin's solo will be using a guitar, either going rock or acoustics like iu.
  9. hoping for more musical and hopefully tv series for boram. she already got the talent and the support, all she needs is a humongous amount of self-confidence.
  10. i would like to thank sunny for not shying away from hyomin, despite the scandal. it usually happen when the bigger star wants nothing to do with a scandal-stricken friend.
  11. Big news for the little woman! Can't wait for her solo songs. Hoping for a good year for her and T-ara.
  12. saleng

    [13.10.15] T-ara,

    EunJung always have the dramatic quotable quotes. Leader QRi hadn't said much even on the question about leadership, but her teary eyes showed enough how she felt. HyoMin same as EunJung, less dramatic but as mature. BoRam wants to date too! And you could expect from the eldest to learn the lesson that you just can't take the good without the bad. SoYeon the ninja talking about the love of her life, suddenly remembered when they visited WooJung, the commentator said SoYeon looked jealous (if only we knew, her lovelife is more real). It's sad she blames herself for the flop of her first drama. ...and JiYeon...our forever maknae...what did she say again?...not that much but yeah, smiles really make a lot of differnce.
  13. thankful for the love they get from Japan and other countries, I hope they get much love on their own country this time, coz you know, there's no place better than home.
  14. gamer here!!! i'm so looking forward to this. i just hope my phone can support it
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