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  1. RT @T_araIndo: T-ARA CONCERT VIETNAM 2017 lIVE https://t.co/OEHTZYXvPR

  2. RT @GRLGROUPCONFESS: Just wanted to notice y’all that Qri (t-ara) won the Hallyu Star Awards and she truly deserves it as leader of T-ARA h…

  3. RT @songdip: They are so pretty with black outfit ?? https://t.co/QuRCQgksPF

  4. RT @songdip: They talk without stopping. Crazy! https://t.co/Rdrf5n4QQP

  5. Thanks @Samsung_ID buat CGV Cinemas nya! Baru aja dapat di #SamsungGiftId https://t.co/iDZgQw8eV0 #EverydayGifts

  6. Thanks @Samsung_ID buat Coco nya! Baru aja dapat di #SamsungGiftId https://t.co/iDZgQw8eV0 #EverydayGifts

  7. Semoga tahun 2017 diiringi dengan harapan baru,kebahagiaan baru dan semangat baru #JNE2017 #JNE #connectinghappiness https://t.co/NZs1aWchVr

  8. RT @officialmbkent: [T-ARA] T-ARA [티아라] - "TIAMO" TEASER #2 https://t.co/r6dB9IyB4U #TARA #티아라 #TIAMO #띠아모

  9. RT @allkpop: MBK Entertainment updates on T-ara's comeback + new boy group https://t.co/qLwHmDpBPG https://t.co/kGcHhvHhWy

  10. RT @ceritakoreacom: Ikutan "Lomba Penulisan Fanfiction" https://t.co/8nhwYUvC9V" dan menangkan uang 250K! T&C: https://t.co/o9sl3bkvFO http…

  11. i agree with hwang jungeum!! T-ara is the stronger group i've ever seen! i love T-ara unnie!!! saranghae!!T-ara fighting!!
  12. Everything will be better~ we will always support you, support T-ara. past~ now~ and forever... keep smile eonnie..
  13. Ajak gw, traktirin gw.. Hahaha..."@SandMagdalena: Ajak siapa? (¬_¬) RT @JennyferMargare: Makan ajak2 dong.. Wkwkwk

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