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  1. so, is true that she will leave the show,.. goodbye MC,. i'm gonna miss her cuteness and adorable things in the show,.. U 4ever Jiyeon-ah,..
  2. why she visited that place,.??!! i am afraid the netizens will tought something bad about her,..
  3. i can't wait to watch it,.. but, is this drama gonna have a long episode or just 1 finish episode for each member,.??
  4. after a long long years, it back to this issue again,. why they always digging the past and can't just forget it,.?! but i'm sure she have been strong, all of members have been strong to face that,.. they already move on, and beeing what they are right now,. beeing the no.1 popular group in global countries, although they don't get much love in their own country,. we will always be with you and support all of you till the end,..
  5. It will takes a 100 years for me to get rich,. and another 100 years to take picture with them,..
  6. woow,, season 2 of pretty boys,.?!! it would be good,. and jiyeon and eunjung will appear in a variety too,. <3 after along time, we can see our goddess again on their own variety show,.. <3
  7. is this a drama,.??? the clip is too short,.. maybe she will act in some of drama soon, i miss her acting,.. i hope so,..
  8. owwhh,.. a full length show,.. i hope the eng sub will come out soon,.. keep fighting for diadem team,..
  9. actually, i never mind about the choreo, even the pelvic wall dance,... but, it maybe the choreo is too sexy, because Baby Ji who bring that.. XD XD XD love Park Jiyeon always,... XD XD XD
  10. i don't get it,..??!!! why they (media+netizen) always criticize jiyeon,.??!!! it's not her fault or her agency too.. the MV concept & shooting was planned right before the ship tragedy happened right,.?? but they said it was a controversial..??!! what a xxxx,.. and thanks to CCM for delayed the comeback so then that xxxxx netizen can shut up their mouth,.. i just hope the best for our jiyeon and our t-ara,..
  11. waaaaw,.. finally, a teaser,.. a sexy image of our Dino,.. XD XD i hope this will be a big hit,.. but the song is look like a ballad, i prefer that Jiyi will sing a cute sexy song,.. but it will be good too...
  12. why Jiyeon always get the sad role in CCM MV,.??!! and at the end, why she always die,.??? when i watch, it feels like i wanna cry too,. can't stand to watch jiyeon like this forever,. hope that CCM can put jiyeon in some cheerfull MV, and hope she will appear in some drama too,.. miss her act in GOS drama,...
  13. Happy new year too,... is that Jungie long hair picture from this year or the old year,.??
  14. what is the name of that drama,.??? is Hyomin playing in that drama,.??? "Everyone has beauty, but Jiyi is the most beauty that i saw"
  15. waaaa,... xD xD JiRi and JiSo moment,.. yeah,,, what is So hand's doing in Jiyi jacket,.. xD xD lol
  16. waaaaa,... xD xD Baby Ji looks so gorgeous,... xD Jungie looks so cool with that white shorts hair,...
  17. waaa,... HD picture,... these picture is really great,.. they're looks very beauty,... <3
  18. thank you for sharing,... really like the gift, especially Dino Ji xD xD,.. their outfit looks great too,...
  19. waaaa,.... xD xD Jiyi gift,, it's so sexy,... xD thank you for sharing,..
  20. WAAAA,.... XD will diadem sub this,.??? cause i don't get it at all,...
  21. i love jiyeon for the whole of my live,.. >-<

  22. waaaa,.... XD finally,, their comeback stage,... their perform is really cute,, especially Dino Ji,.. XD XD BTW,, Eunjung cut her hair again,..!! Jungie short hair,... XD XD
  23. waaaaa,... can't understand at all,.. will wait till the eng sub coming,.. i hope the sub will come soon,...
  24. WAAAAAA,.... XD XD Jiyeon-aah,.. the prettiest, cutest & sexiest girl in my eyes,.. her selca with that lips,,, make me crazy,... XD XD
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