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  1. Regarding User Account Issues

    I did delete my cache, and it didn't work for me. I did try deleteing everything just in case it was a problem from me end, and it's still the same. Only deleting the cookies lets me sign in once. My issue has been fixed^^
  2. Regarding User Account Issues

    I think i am having the same problem like another member here. I am able to log in once, but when i log out and log back it, it doesn't let me. I did delete my cookies for this site, and i was able to sign back in but i can't log back in if i log out again.
  3. [PRESS] Hyomin @ 8ight Seconds Opening (03/01)

    I am in love with these pictures!!!!!! Hyomin is looking so FLAWLESS
  4. Yes, i cant want to watch it too!!! Just less than a month before it gets released on DVD. I am excited for it!!
  5. Well it said she was the first Korean singer to play a lead role in a Japanese film. Which still is pretty huge deal. But i dont think she was the very first Korean to lead a Japanese film. But i could be completely wrong.
  6. EB is a really good rapper. Cant wait to see her debut.
  7. [14.02.21] Video HD - T-ara 'First Love' MV

    It really is an amazing song. Composer Cho Young Soo does not disappoint.
  8. [PICS] Hyomin, Eunjung, Jiyeon with SPEED

    They went to support them!!! They seem really close to each other. Good luck to SPEED with their comeback!
  9. [PICS] Boram - The Lost Garden - Last Day (02/16)

    And also considering that he is about 6' 1" he is going to make Boram look a lot tinier than she already is lol
  10. [PICS] Boram - The Lost Garden - Last Day (02/16)

    Last day as in she is finished with the musical??? It seemed way too short.
  11. [GIFS] 13.12.21 - T-ARA in Concert @ Guangzhou

    Boram's love butt pat and Jiyeon's love hug is just precious.
  12. [GIFS] 13.12.21 - T-ARA in Concert @ Guangzhou

    They should have promoted this song a lot more. Really fun song!
  13. [GIFS] 13.12.21 - T-ARA in Concert @ Guangzhou

    Boram looks so adorable with Eunjung. Once again the gifs are perfection!!!
  14. [GIFS] 13.12.21 - T-ARA in Concert @ Guangzhou

    I really loved the dance battles between them! Sexy Eunyeon dancing and Qri fixing Jiyeons hair s my favorite!
  15. [IG] Hyomin's Instagram Update (02/07)

    That smirk she did in the second picture!!! Hyomin looking really sexy!!!
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