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  1. I did delete my cache, and it didn't work for me. I did try deleteing everything just in case it was a problem from me end, and it's still the same. Only deleting the cookies lets me sign in once. My issue has been fixed^^
  2. I think i am having the same problem like another member here. I am able to log in once, but when i log out and log back it, it doesn't let me. I did delete my cookies for this site, and i was able to sign back in but i can't log back in if i log out again.
  3. I am in love with these pictures!!!!!! Hyomin is looking so FLAWLESS
  4. Yes, i cant want to watch it too!!! Just less than a month before it gets released on DVD. I am excited for it!!
  5. Well it said she was the first Korean singer to play a lead role in a Japanese film. Which still is pretty huge deal. But i dont think she was the very first Korean to lead a Japanese film. But i could be completely wrong.
  6. EB is a really good rapper. Cant wait to see her debut.
  7. It really is an amazing song. Composer Cho Young Soo does not disappoint.
  8. They went to support them!!! They seem really close to each other. Good luck to SPEED with their comeback!
  9. And also considering that he is about 6' 1" he is going to make Boram look a lot tinier than she already is lol
  10. Last day as in she is finished with the musical??? It seemed way too short.
  11. Boram's love butt pat and Jiyeon's love hug is just precious.
  12. They should have promoted this song a lot more. Really fun song!
  13. Boram looks so adorable with Eunjung. Once again the gifs are perfection!!!
  14. I really loved the dance battles between them! Sexy Eunyeon dancing and Qri fixing Jiyeons hair s my favorite!
  15. That smirk she did in the second picture!!! Hyomin looking really sexy!!!
  16. Cutie Boram Sweet Soyeon Charismatic Qri Fashion Eunjung Beautiful Hyomin Sexy Jiyeon = Awesome T-ara
  17. I wonder how long will it take her to eat all that^^
  18. She is so adorable just standing there!!! So tiny!!
  19. Im sorry i wasnt able to help you guys in recovering your lost videos
  20. Cutie Pretty Qri is looking gorgeous like always!
  21. The dance to it is one of my favorites. An extremely stunning girl^^
  22. They are all amazing gifs! I love the one with Eunjung and Boram dancing to Two as One
  23. It is not the same video The one i have has a bit of making of lies, T-ara's ghost play, and a bit of making of TTL(Listen 2).
  24. I have a question about "M-Net Special - The making of T-ara" Does it have an alternate title of "Legend of T-ara"? Or is that a different video? If it is the same one then i will be able to help on that one^^
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