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  1. Don't miss, don't wait! We're friends. If I don't stop, I will be the only person who's painful :) #NHD

  2. Q-ri @ sexy và đẹp tuyệt vời. <3http://t.co/DIrRhltfdo

  3. Trời ơi, Boram đẹp quá à nha! Yêu chị cả lắm lắm lắm
  4. Hyomin, she is so beautiful. When she sings, fans: ''Hyomin, Hyomin''! I was here!
  5. Hyomin in the newest poster looks like an angel. I find she is so sexy! Oh, my Hyomin! I am crazy because of you! MY MINMIN - MY HYOMIN!

  6. So Yeon is beautiful. So, she has a boyfriend is true. I think that is best for her. Queen's always love her.
  7. I have a beautiful photo about Hyomin. Would you like to see that?

  8. PNG from the Luka's photo. You can use it in Photoshop http://t.co/lYjJZdVHbT

  9. lehonghoaidieu


    So Yeon is cute! She look like a baby!
  10. lehonghoaidieu


    Ji Yeon look like pretty good!
  11. she is so beautiful. Love Love Love. I Love Park Hyomin. Love T-Ara
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