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  1. so thoughful unnis. T-ara fighting!!! this year will end great and hope you'll have a more successful next year. <3
  2. I just love them. Thank u for posting this. lets support t-ara forever.
  3. So proud of them. they really matured a lot. just be strong. do all your best and ine day all those hatets will be one of the queens. t-ara fighting!!!
  4. just when i started to like more and more areum. this kind of news float. but still supporting Areum and T-ara. Areum Fighting! T-ara Fighting!!!
  5. QBS songs are all awesome. specially like a wind. it's just addicting.
  6. haha. some frustrated writers in the corner. hm. it's just a ridiculous article.
  7. i already like Areum but i think the 6-member T-ara is the best line up. CCM please don't ever dare to add another member to the group. it happened twice already and hope you already realized that it's not that a good idea to add new member/s.
  8. it's now QRI's turn!! the cute and pretty QRI. hehe. T-ara will be bright literally because of the blings. kekekeke.
  9. i've seen it already. just sad that t-ara can't promote it becuase of theor concert. but still supporting them.
  10. whatever happens i will support T-ara. let's just think positively and believe in T-ara.
  11. great interview. Eunjung answered well and shown how she matured through the times. she's also the brave girl we know that eventhough she was one of the most affected member during the scandal, she managed to gather herself and move on. T-ara has suffered last year and i know that they'll be able to surpass these challenges. T-ARA FIGHTING!!!!
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