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  1. Yeah I wanted that, but in México was at 3:30 am and.. the next day I had to go to school so.. I couldn't! Oh don't be sad! This time was my lucky day, tomorrow can be yours!!
  2. Yeah I want to know what she said when she read my messege! hahah >.< I would like to watch this with subs!
  3. I'm like asdkfjask everytime I watch this video! They're so cute
  4. I'm proud to be in love with these girls! I wasn't a Queen's before the controversy, but now I am, and I feel so good with this! I really don't care about the past, I love them because I have fun when I'm listening their music! And their personality! Of course I knew about the controversy, but was ok, really don't care at all, I read all the negative comments and I was like: "Why they judge them? Maybe they did something wrong but is the past! Can we forget the past?" Queen's, don't pay attention in all those negative comments, still support T-ara till the end! If we do this, I know that many people gonna start to like T-ara like me!
  5. XMAS edition is so expensive! hahaha I don't have money right now I think I'm not gonna buy it for now!
  6. Sounds great! hahah I'm so shy with this things but maybe I'll do! hahaha
  7. Hahahahahaha Qri's face is epic!!! I love it! Thank you!
  8. All I can say is that I'M SO HAPPY FOR HER! She's in love!!! I can see that! haha :')
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