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  1. The perfect subject for a photo shoot is a model of exquisite charm and natural beauty, like Eun Jung. Models go through all kinds of training and torture to look this good. She does it just by smiling.
  2. Read the first sentence in the story again. "Not dismantling." It's just my opinion, but that suggests that they are not dismantling. Maybe it's me, I don't know. Also. T-ara has made WAY too much money for CCM/MBK. The company won't let go that easily. Sorry for being snarky, but don't be a doomsayer until the sky has fallen.
  3. Life is returning to normal. People are remembering that Eun Jung is a really good actress and they should be putting her on screen.
  4. Oh, this is very helpful! Thank you!! Plenty of performance videos to watch!
  5. Oh man I love it already!!!!!!!!!!!!! More more more more!!!!!!
  6. This is the first I've heard of this. Poor bunny girl. Well thousands of guys will be happy to hear about it, but I hope she is okay.
  7. She just keeps getting prettier every time I see her! How can anyone not love this delightful young lady?
  8. She just gets more and more adorable each time I see her.
  9. As an uncle fan I have to say I'm a little disappointed she is depending so much on the sexy image. She is a talented performer and I wish she could get the big sales on that alone. She is more than a sexy girl. It's sad that this is how she has to get attention to her talent. She is without a doubt a beautiful and sexy young woman, but she is also much more.
  10. She is such a doll and so funny! I can't wait to see this with eng subs!!!!
  11. As always Eun Jung is absolutely gorgeous. In the shot with several people she just shines so that you can't help but notice her right away. I am loving the long hair. It makes her look even younger and re-enforces that fresh look she always has. Just such a beautiful young woman, both inside and outside.
  12. It's so exciting to see them back on a main show again. Happy Together is a big thing and to see them there is proof that the mindset of so many people is finally shifting back to the realization that these are girls to love and enjoy not to hate and shun. I'm so happy for the love they are shown.
  13. I love Eun Jung's powerful dancing. She is always so into the dance. And they all were such strong characters during the song and then reverted to the normal sweet selves when exiting. Love these girls.
  14. I'm really eager to see this with subtitles. I always enjoy a nice T ara interview.
  15. Oh I know. They are excellent spokespersons, and they are my two favorites in the group. I just wish that the others got a chance to speak occasionally so that it doesn't look like these two are stealing the scene. And Boram usually has the job of looking cute not matter what they are doing. She is so adorable and just like a little porcelain doll I want to protect whenever I see her.