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  1. She is looking so fresh and healthy these days. With her Youtube channel and the new song release, I'm so happy for her!!
  2. How could anyone not love this woman? Her answers are perfect and she looks amazing. I'm falling for her all over again!
  3. She is such a beauty. But she is more than that. A true multi-talent who has ALWAYS presented a wonderful personality. My favorite without a doubt!!!!
  4. We have been getting so many great photo updates of Eun Jung lately. I love it! I just bought a 2019 KIA Soul and named it Eun Jung.
  5. Is there an article or actual interview to go with these amazing photos? Granted the photos are enough, but anything more is always happily welcome.
  6. Natural beauty and sweet personality mixed with talent make her amazing. If I wasn't already in love with her I would be now.
  7. This is why I MUST go to Korea! I am missing the best parts!!!
  8. This just started my week in a wonderful way.
  9. Oh my heavens! Why is she so beautiful in everything she does?? I'm blown away. And Song Ji Hyo is in this drama also!!!!!!!
  10. Genuine beauty both inside and outside. I can't get enough of her.
  11. I thought she had hurt her hand at first then realized it was her stamp showing she voted. And, you can never have enough photos of Eun Jung!! Always beautiful and sweet.
  12. She's lost weight. I miss her so much. Bother her voice and her personality.
  13. Oh my goodness! Amazing beauty. I can't get enough of just staring at her. LOL! I must be a stalker. Thanks for posting these beautiful photos.
  14. So very lovely. I miss her and the other girls of T-Ara! They have had a long enough break. Time to get back to work. (Please?)
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