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  1. [PHOTOSHOOT/IG] Eunjung Profile Photos (05/03)

    Oh my goodness! Amazing beauty. I can't get enough of just staring at her. LOL! I must be a stalker. Thanks for posting these beautiful photos.
  2. [WEIBO] Eunjung Update (04/30)

    So very lovely. I miss her and the other girls of T-Ara! They have had a long enough break. Time to get back to work. (Please?)
  3. Remember on WGM that she couldn't drive? She even did a show on driving with Hyomin. She seems quite confident behind the wheel.
  4. [WEIBO] Eunjung Update (03/03)

    I'm so excited that she has signed with a new company. I'm really eager to keep seeing her in dramas and movies and maybe she'll even do a solo album!!!
  5. [WEIBO] Jiyeon Update (02/13)

    Why are some people allowed to be so amazingly beautiful? I mean, come on! How is that fair to the rest of the world?
  6. [WEIBO] Eunjung Update (02/10)

    Looking amazing as always! And she even has her mother along! LOL!
  7. [18.01.21] Video - MBC King Of Mask Singer (Eunjung)

    ROFL! It's so obviously Eun Jung. And that amazing voice! She is my ultimate bias in all of Korea!
  8. For crying out loud! They made you a ton of cash and you have treated them lousy. Stop making this separation difficult!!
  9. So many emotions run through me as I watch and listen to these wonderful young ladies. But the one that keeps coming back is sadness at the approaching end and the noticeable absence of Soyeon and Boram. I will forever be a Queen's, but a big part of that is the broken heart we all have at the unforgivable way our dear girls have been treated. Their careers have been amazing, but what could have been...
  10. [PRESS] T-ARA Concert in Vietnam (11/04)

    Wow! Some great photos! I want to watch this concert!! I'm guessing Qri sang "Diamonds Only" for her solo. It's perfect for her because she is the classy diamond.
  11. It made me feel so good to hear this news. I know all Queen's are hoping for her to do well and get a great new start from this!!!
  12. The perfect subject for a photo shoot is a model of exquisite charm and natural beauty, like Eun Jung. Models go through all kinds of training and torture to look this good. She does it just by smiling.
  13. Read the first sentence in the story again. "Not dismantling." It's just my opinion, but that suggests that they are not dismantling. Maybe it's me, I don't know. Also. T-ara has made WAY too much money for CCM/MBK. The company won't let go that easily. Sorry for being snarky, but don't be a doomsayer until the sky has fallen.
  14. Life is returning to normal. People are remembering that Eun Jung is a really good actress and they should be putting her on screen.
  15. [16.12.10] Fancam - T-ARA Japan Premium Fanmeeting

    Oh, this is very helpful! Thank you!! Plenty of performance videos to watch!
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