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  1. I can never get enough of Soyeon's adorable smile. The twinkle in her eyes blinds me.
  2. This girl is exquisite in every appearance she makes. How can we not be mindless drones willing to follow her as she takes over the world?
  3. Every time I see them return to Korea I give a sigh of relief. I don't even live in Korea but I always feel better knowing the girls are there. I guess travel these days just makes me nervous and I worry for the girls. But they are world stars, not just hallyu stars. Sigh. So happy for them, but I still worry.
  4. Thanks. It looks like in the photo the girls are just being playful (as usual). It was nice to see they each took a polite sip and then tried to re-stack the glasses? LOL. And Eun Jung's wave as they left was adorable. As usual.
  5. I really enjoy when Euna posts. But is it me, or do the girls look like their are getting a little tipsy?
  6. I don't usually do this, but I think it is time we all stop and appreciate SoYeon in skin tight black leather pants. OMG!!! With all the talk of how great EunJung, Hyomin and JIyeon have made their bodies, let us not ignore the three tiny members and how amazing they are looking also. Wow. She is really wearing those pants. Yep.
  7. "SweetgirlEJ" is the ideal perfect name for her account. These photos show her truly sweet face that so many of us love so much. I just want to hug her.
  8. Everything about Eun Jung is beautiful. Are they both her puppies? I thought she had only the one on the right. Mongeul.
  9. She is just absolutely too cute for words so I won't even try.
  10. The real estimation of a song's success is its staying power. With this one I truly believe T ara has found another one of those. I can not get tired of this song and the way they do it! When a song first comes out the fans are all over it and many love it just because it is their favorite group and it's a new song. But once promotions for that song end they leave it for something else. Something the group has done previously that has that staying power. The true value is in the song after the newness has worn off. This song just stays fresh. This isn't the first time this has happened for T ara. They have many many songs that this applies to. But of course some of their songs did not have that power, even if they may be some of our personal favorites. Okay fine. But groups like T ara hit that combination more frequently than most groups and I feel that with Sugar Free that have succeeded again.
  11. In selcas she always just looks so adorable and makes me want to just put her in my pocket.
  12. Yes, I'm a total Queen's also. I don't recognize other performers as easily as I do T ara. And Soyeon steals my attention quickly.
  13. Totoro dominating the attention! He will not be denied his loves! Hey! Is that Dani? Where has she been all this time?
  14. The best part about this photo is that it is much larger than on my phone.
  15. Always pretty pictures. Love the tongue on EunJung! And Soyeon never stops getting cuter. Jiyeon is looking so much more mature these days.
  16. Qri is showing some cleavage! Oops!! Has anyone notice how unnatural Soyeon looks in the squatting "thug" pose? She is just too much of a pretty princess. LOL! Unfortunately Hyomin seems natural. Maybe because she is a better actor.
  17. I understand them not believing Qri's age. She looks like a kid when she smiles. I'm glad to see EunJung is back on Witch Hunt because they liked her so much the first time. I love seeing these girl making appearances because that just makes them even more accepted in Korea. Love these girls!!!!
  18. So good to see them recognized. And for them to know that their Queen's love them.
  19. Yes Boram is looking healthier and prettier and younger all the time. They all look great in this promotion. Of course. But Eun Jung is still flat out destroying me!! I just can't get over the fishnets!!!
  20. Soyeon is just too adorable in every single photo of her.
  21. This picture is packed with too much cuteness! Overload! Overload!
  22. I love the group picture as Eun Jung, always looking looking pretty in every photo, very naturally takes the model pose and Jiyeon just kind of ...is there. Not worried about looking pretty because she is a devastating natural beauty. What a kid. And I don't know who had the idea for Soyeon to get the hair off of her forehead, but well done! She looks so much more adorable. And that's saying a lot considering how cute she was before.
  23. They could make me a devoted fan of the weather forecast if they did it everyday!!!
  24. Regardless of where the picture comes from, she looks so incredibly cute with the braids!!!
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