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  1. I searched google and it said: "Huang Yue Ying was known as one of five talent women but she was the ugliest in the history of China" and Jiyeon cosplays as that lady Too much imagination. Anyway, all of them were talent and well-known in China. Love them all
  2. Eunjung's cut from this episode is too short. It's so sad that i can't watch on kbs2 channel youtube cause Kbs2 don't show this film in my region. So it will take longer for me to wait for subbed - episodes on other website. Hic
  3. It's always not good to be a third person. People used to sympathy with the main role and hate the third one who try to ruin other's relationship, especially when that third one is bad. Wish Eunjung will have a main role who has someone truly love her. But now I'm still excited with this new drama of her. She's so beautiful in here
  4. "So crazy" MV is so funny. Especially the last when their dreams come true. So happy for my girls Love all their songs. But among all these songs, I like ballad the most. Listen to this new ballad song (the name is Why we separated, right?), who can say they can't sing. Qri and Boram's voice sound very good. I always know Jiyeon is good at ballad song. But in this song, it is the best, very amazing. And always make me surprised, Eunjung (my bias, hehe), she even played harmonica too. That harmonica sound make the song more attractive. I hope they can perform this song more along with the promotion of the title track "So crazy". T-ARA fighting - Love you all ! ! !
  5. Love it very much. 2 days more to wait. I'm really looking forward to this mv. I can hear Soyeon and Eunjung's voice at the chorus. But not sure whose's the voice at the high note. It's not like Eunjung as usual.
  6. I saw trailer for episode 76 but no sign of Eunjung. Maybe it will take longer to see her. Cause the situation in this drama now is not suitable to add new role in my opinion. Long time no see her on a drama - about a year I think, and yeah, patient waiting.
  7. Excited with this news. I've started searching for info of this drama. And I found it has one more name "Love on a rooftop" which is shown til ep 72 now. Does someone know which episode Eunjung will join in? I hope this role deserves Eunjung more than the role she had in "Endless love" - not much scene in my opinion.
  8. Wow. Check up forum right when I have time for surfing, and this news pops out immediately. Too excited to begin a new day. Waiting for their comeback till now.
  9. Wow, the best news ever after the news of Eunjung's debut. Waiting for this Friday.
  10. It's great to hear this news. Ya hoo!!!! I'm looking forward for Jungie's solo so much since the news of Jiyeon's solo. I hope this song can show off all Jungie's abilities.
  11. Can't wait for their comeback. The first song with 6-ara after 3 years. Wow, it seems so long. I wonder what kind of music they will have. What does called tradditional T-ara? They will also have mini album with 5-6 songs. That sounds great like we will have a T-ara music party ^^ Let's support for our T-ara. Hwaiting!!!!!!
  12. Thanks for re-uploading Eunjung's solo. Love it so much. And love TTL too. Eunjung's rap in it is perfect.
  13. I watched Eunjung's solo for one time only and then it's private in just a second after I'd like to watch it more and more. Can anyone re-upload it pls?
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