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  1. @Ayub_Dz I've already peeped this lol

  2. RT @cumrascal: me & my friends trying to figure out what we can do with a collective $12.67 in our bank accounts https://t.co/aoVMal8m7u

  3. RT @JaeRichards: When rappers explain self explanatory lyrics on @Genius ?? Full video: https://t.co/mvFDO3O8N7 https://t.co/1Unldk88jF

  4. RT @TUNlSlAN: Aunties in bled when there’s beef or an argument in the 7ouma but they don’t wanna “look nosey” https://t.co/d2J32RSFFj

  5. RT @asnstla: https://t.co/qmTgBaa0Vf

  6. RT @sale7des: الرّياض اليوم في لحظة Riyadh today in a moment https://t.co/dOGwqAc07I

  7. RT @kelseyyj17: someone: hi me: ur right i should skip class

  8. RT @__beingher: @kyliamerrell My daughter does the same. My dad is Muslim https://t.co/Udu4aTFGkv

  9. RT @yesitshanna: She smiled, but I could see the sadness in her exotic almond-shaped eyes. Her scarf was made of light cotton, but the weig…

  10. RT @goldengateblond: It’s literally called the March For Our Lives, Taffy. https://t.co/6Rcu2mKd9Y

  11. RT @tiredsneeza: WHO DID THIS https://t.co/4TLeIeByE8

  12. RT @haIeIuya: teacher: so ur saying Israel has no right to and shouldn’t exist me: yes teacher: so by ur logic, the U.S. shouldn’t exist e…

  13. RT @gossipgriII: me yesterday: i WILL go to class tomorrow me today: https://t.co/Bq7Xhbe9xr

  14. RT @leloveluck: A tragedy of far-reaching proportions is unfolding in front of our eyes. Everything you see here happened over the past 48h…

  15. RT @bomixchorong: t-ara literally invented drama mvs with cry cry, day by day & sexy love. Never have I felt so attacked with their top-not…

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