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  1. Where is the desert science damn it!!!! It is killing me
  2. Time to spend all of my money again !!! Too bad that there is only one edition
  3. Time flies when you are having fun.thanks for the memories
  4. I think those are extensions. No Long hair for her on the comeback
  5. T-ara never fails to disappoint with their mv and such.fighting!
  6. Omg... Can I have an English sub for this awesome video. That will be great! Thanks
  7. This video feels so sad. They want queens to forget about the past and hope that you will always be there to support them
  8. Hyomin just looks so sexy!!!!!! T-ara is back guys! Get ready to slay some charts
  9. Here to another 5 years and more years coming!!! T-ara forever and ever
  10. Congrats to t-ara and hopefully they will come back to Korea and start endorsing more brands
  11. Cannot wait for the album to bo out! Been such a long time and they are finally back
  12. So excited for all the songs!!!!! Eunjung fighting! Can see that they have been working hard for this comeback
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