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  1. Migrated to OneHallyu

  2. I want to know how they know. I'm so close yet so far. I could have met her... I'll sulk in the corner now
  3. I'm guessing these are from when she's in Brunei. If only I knew when she's at the airport >.<
  4. oh my god eunjung is in brunei i'm soo near i can feel her aura now lol but seriously omg i can't wow
  5. I love these pics! I saw them on insta and really want bigger resolutions~
  6. Just listened to the song. I can already imagine T-ARA singing it. The music fits their style. And I'm looking forward to a funny MV. haha
  7. Cute but also fierce. Very cool outfit Eunjungie~
  8. I really like the remix but the english lyrics are quite hard to understand. Looking forward to the other remixes though!
  9. This broadcast sounds weird... People said it sounded like mr removed version.
  10. Got 3rd but it's ok. I wonder why the choreo keeps changing. Is it for choreo points? I liked it when they just freestyle at the beginning.
  11. I actually prefer the previous choreo. Sure they didn't move much but it was cool. It would be nice to include Dailymotion links too in the future for Inkigayo. The YT vid is also blocked for me.
  12. I can only watch the link aleya provided. The others were blocked for me. I really like this performance. Either it's lip sync or they perfected themselves compared to MCD I don't care. This perf is much more cleaner. Saving it! Thanks for the link! ps, Eunjung smiled (or smirked) at the camera!!! hihihihihihihi I like it when they can smile on stage.
  13. I don't know those DJs but I hope they'll make awesome remixes of this song. I'm quite interested in this album. The original song is already awesome. Looking forward to all the different remixes. And as for the english version, really unexpected.
  14. I love it!!! but hearing all those overlays, I'm looking forward to Music Core. Now I know who's making those squeeky rap voices (Eunjung and Soyeon). For some reason I really like their choreo. It's simple but you can see that they're sexy. Their outfit is also cool.
  15. I love it love it LOVE IT!!! I can't really see all of their faces because of all the strobes but I love the song! Their choreo looks simple but it's enough to show how sexy they are. Also, the lines in this song seems like more equally divided. I really hope the Koreans love it and give T-ARA some wins. They're up against some fierce competition this month. T-ARA fighting!!! REPLAY~
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