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  1. Oh my, this is the best news! I first saw T-ara through their drama MVs and it made the group very memorable to me. And now that they are my favorite group I can't wait to see them act again! Can't wait, and hope the members have fun with this:)
  2. Can not wait. But not complaining about the wait time; it just means they can prepare and perfect the comeback even more, which is always good:)
  3. JayOh


    Im very glad that Jiyeon is doing well. I want her to be popular and I think she is helping T-ara become more well known, but T-ara hasn't been ignored, right? I thought Number 9 was a big hit. Anyways, hopefully these solo activities do replace any bad images some people may have of T-ara
  4. JayOh

    [14.05.09] Jiyeon

    Yay! She has been working so hard for this, im glad they found time for her solo activities before she goes back to working for T-ara's comeback. Such anticipation
  5. Soooo much looking forward to this!! Jiyeon will do the best with whatever new concept she is doing. Can not wait
  6. This is soo good! love it! And it feels Very much like a T-ara song.
  7. Very good art style and background music, making it very enjoyable:) I had been anticipating this game and it is well done and funny. Good job!~ Now time to get back to playing:D
  8. Wow Arashi topping both charts. Congratulations to T-ara!!! They did such a good job and worked so hard:) I liked Bunny Style a lot
  9. Aw so cute and funny. Her slurping sound effects "후루루르룹룰" made me laugh!
  10. Happy new year Queens!! Hope the year is great for everyone 해피뉴이어!
  11. Cant wait for this to come out. T-ara seems to be ending group promotions and jumping straight into solo activities. Keeping it interesting:) Also looking forward to Hyorin and Hyuna's singles.
  12. "See you tomorrow..!!" - Hyomin Hehe I wish Have fun in China Hyomin!!
  13. Oooo doesn't she look so cool Where is she going?
  14. Haha was just looking at your profile and just had to do the math on your member title :P I see what you did there

    1. craZy


      Hehe... (。>ω<。)

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