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  1. Jiyeon~ @@!! It's enough ^^ no need for any more awards now !! Thanks in advance ~ Lol but this is the signature i received haha~
  2. OK ^^ Uhm you can choose that unicorn Zee has made, it's OK . You can give me any awards available now or you can do this request once everything is completed ^^ Thanks~
  3. Username: renny69 Award I want: Queen's Award Logo Achievement: Signing Up Username: renny69 Award I want: Jiyeon Achievement: 25 posts Username: renny69 Award I want: EunYeon =) Achievement: 50 posts Username: renny69 Award I want: Staff Award Achievement: Staff Username: renny69 Award I want: Jiyeon's dog - Wang Achievement: Interaction awards: Commentted on a subbed video thread Username: renny69 Award I want: QBS Shipper - Qri, Boram and Soyeon Achievement: Fanmeet/Concert Awards: Here's the photo of Vietnamese fanmeeting ticket i've recently gone, i've written my name on it. Vance saw me at the FM =) maybe he can be the "proof" Thanks you~
  4. [14.11.29] Video - T-ara "Little Apple" @ Music Core Cre: MBCKpop+ renny + Tiaradiadem.com
  5. [14.11.25] Video - Little Apple @ SBS MTV The Show 1080p Update 720p Live Cap Cre: T-Zoo Channel + Renny + Tiaradiadem.com
  6. [14.11.18] Video - Little Apple (T-Ara) Next Week Comeback @ SBS MTV The Show (1080p) HD 1080p HD 720p Cre: T-Zoo Channel
  7. [14.11.05] Info - MBK Ent. changed the name of official Youtube channel On November 5th, MBK Entertainment (former Core Contents Media) has changed their official Youtube channel's name! As the photo shows below, the previous name "coremidas" was changed into "officialmbkent". (MBK changed their Youtube channel's and Twitter name) Recently, MBK has done many things to show us a new company with new changes: changing their official Facebook's address name, official youtube channel's name, changing Twitter account's name... As we known, Core Contents Media is now MBK Ent, which was announced before, this is one step of MBK to change the whole company. Hope that there'll be more changes and opportunities for the company and their artists! Besides let's wait for upcoming song of our girls,T-ara will have a new song, "Little Apple (Remake Version)" on November 6th. Cre: renny69 - Tiaradiadem.com
  8. 141013 T-ara @ MBK - Long Zhen Press Con (Beijing) [Part 1: Introduction] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uL8gLpv4KSY 141013 T-ara @ MBK - Long Zhen Press Con (Beijing) [Part 2: I Don't Want You + Ceremony] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5PJV3v4GiZU [720p] 141013 I Don't Want You @ MBK - Long Zhen Press Con (Beijing) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qwo-3kJGq6w Cre: renny
  9. [CAPS] Sugar Free - T-ara @ SBS Inkigayo (10/05) Cre: SBS + Jung Young Hwang + Tiardiadem
  10. [CAPS] T-ara @ MBC "Sky Festival" Music Core Cre: TS Video File @ MBC Channel Cap by: renny @ T-aradiadem
  11. [14.10.04] Video HD - Sugar Free - T-ara @ MBC "Sky Festival" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWKJ1qnIRQM https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GXKRl1zvqVU&feature=youtu.be Cre: Bestiz
  12. [14.10.03] Video HD - T-ara @ MCD Back Stage https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IRxzRX98ZGc Cre: Fisherman911 Youtube + Renny + Tiaradiadem
  13. [14.09.21] Video - T-ara "Sugar Free" @ SBS Inkigayo Cre: SBS Music 1 + Young Hwang + Tiaradiadem
  14. [CAPS] T-ara - Sugar Free @ Inkigayo (09/21) Cre: SBS + Young Hwang + Tiaradiadem
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