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  1. The timing was really thrown off and the concept also clashes. For once I think CCM has done a really good job of things.
  2. She really is pretty. A shame her and Jiyeon's solos are being pushed back by almost 2 months.
  3. The dogs are really cute but Jiyeon is still cuter imo.
  4. I really miss them acting excuse they are all really good actresses. A shame it's been stalled till this late date.
  5. There are actually more pictures now and there is one extremely pretty one that people should all see.
  6. Already sounds enticing and with every teaser it makes it harder to wait.
  7. Wow, she really is pretty and attractive. I'm now even more eager for it to come out.
  8. It's true that at first she wasn't that appealing compared to most of her members but she really grows on you if you give her a chance and her singing has really improved.
  9. Sooooooooooo looking forward to it and hope she can win at least once. It'll mean so much to T-ara and their fans. This is a bit too much of a tease because there is still a month for us to wait.
  10. I know the song will be good not because it's Jiyeon but because she has put so much effort into it.
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