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  1. wow they performed perfectly like always and hyomin looks perfect like always thanks for sharing these pictures
  2. love these pictures thanks for sharing pictures of our hyominnie hopes shes healthy
  3. feel so bad for jiyeon and its amazing that shes still performing with a brace on her knee and still performing while recieving treatment on it! hope she recovers fast!
  4. is there a time where hyomin doesnt look gorgeous? love these pictures and love the dress shes wearing!
  5. wow she looks so pretty in that dress it really matches her she basically looks pretty almost in everything!!
  6. really wish i could gett heir signatures jiyeon looks so pretty and cute in these pictures!! one of my favorites in tara
  7. it amazes me that jiyeon still performs perfectly while receiving treatment on her knee and performing on shows for the fans
  8. wow hyomin is only drinking coffee and she still looks gorgeous so jealous!! one of my favorites in tara
  9. hope this week tara wins at least one award because they deserve it hyomin looks so pretty in here
  10. hyomin is so pretty i love her and jealous of her at the same time keke probably one of the prettiest outfits on her
  11. i think this was probably their best stage outfits but who knows what they have to offer on this weeks performances
  12. wow hyomin looks gorgeous like usually so jealous of her hair loving those pictures!
  13. man i wish i could have that autographed album they look so cute in those gifs!!
  14. really wish i couldve been there but they all look perfect like usual so jealous!
  15. jiyeon and hyomin look soooo pretty so jealous love jiyeons hair looks perfect now
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