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  1. is there any 720p or 1080p for this concert?
  2. i guess i will just buy the version with all members version in it the 6 dvds one
  3. Love my baby jiyeon so much !!! i really wish they will release the chinese version of number 9 really amazing support t-ara forever !!
  4. guys check it out number 9 in chinese version is awesome !!
  5. anyone know why t-ara didnt join the you are miracle project song on sbs gayo daejun ?
  6. great performance t-ara love my girls support t-ara 4 ever !!!!!!
  7. these girls are just too pretty support t-ara 4 ever !! take careee
  8. will this concert have dvd for sale i really want to want this concert !!! really want to watch this concert * really wish i was there ><
  9. Cant wait for the sub for this video!!!!
  10. Awesome Mv love t-ara and support them 4 ever !!!! Anyone have the confirm date for the release of the xmas edition for the Number 9 Japanese album again? or they cancel it
  11. What happen to xmas edition my order got cancelled did anyone receive this email too?
  12. will there be any eng sub soon? really want to know what they are saying
  13. For the xmas edition it says random key chain and (full set of 6 included) what does that means lol it comes with 6 of them ?
  14. will there be any eng sub for this interview? And can I know where to download the hd video for this lies performance? love it so much
  15. so cute love them so much !! hahaha
  16. really love this girls so much forever supporting them please stay strong girls T_T
  17. so proud of them t-ara fighthing will support t-ara forever !! They really becoming more mature now stay strong girls T_T
  18. both version is good love and support t-ara forever !!
  19. thank you for sharing this images have been finding them:)
  20. This Dress really matches well with her!!! what a goddes
  21. How I wish I was there to get their signature too!!!
  22. Really hope jiyeon could recover soon and all the girls must rest more and take care!
  23. thanks for all this great photos and thanks for translating !!
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