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  1. too bad that she won't be there to attend jungie's solo debut performances. but yeah, good luck for our baby dino for the movie :3 lookin forward to it
  2. yes finally!!!! and i looooooooooveeee it!! love her hair, love her dance, love her voice. what an awesome idol :3
  3. lol first pic tho. handsome jiyeon is handsome :3 she is awesome!
  4. yeay! our jungie is so talented, as expected. cannot wait for tomorrow... waaaaa
  5. oh my God please make this really happen. i cannot wait to see her acting again. this one looks big, some more! kyaaa
  6. finally... we hear something from her. she must've been really busy these days...
  7. waiting for the full mv... omg so curious on those other songs too...
  8. hahah agree. they should make her a permanent member of the show. our jungie is awesome
  9. wow.. the days of sbs heroes... i miss this show :/
  10. curious curious curiousssss cannot wait for the full face photos lol mbk's teasers really tease!
  11. wow so Elsie is really our Jungie XD well.. idk what to express rite now but i'm definitely curious of the song and mv!!
  12. wow i really cannot wait for the eng sub.... XD
  13. hmm.. looking forward for the eng sub of this show.. also looking forward to her solo debut.. i seriously really love how hyomin is so close to her
  14. natural beauty! our baby dino is stunning as always. goddess!
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