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  1. our goddess... no words can explain her beauty. just.. too beautiful
  2. lol i thought it was from the show news but she is now good enough to be real news anchor tho~ thank to the show news
  3. aigo.. i'm wishing they'll be the casts of this movie... i miss jungie's acting.. and i miss woojung couple :/
  4. omg her puppy is so cute i couldn't stop replaying the video lol
  5. as always, our Jungie is handsome and pretty at the same time. *amazed*
  6. so happy they got to hang out alot nowadays btw, is that jiwon?
  7. i see double baekgu!! :3 omg eunjung keeps getting prettier and prettier XD
  8. i don't know why but i like jiyeon being together with zhoumi
  9. minyeon!! omg dorky sisters.... XD so happy seeing them together like this
  10. omg this siblings... my favorite ever. it's like seeing boy and girl version of jiyeon tho. lol
  11. i was smiling like crazy when saw these pics in hyomin's instagram yesterday... minyeon's japan trip looks really fun XD
  12. i can't imagine if one day i go to mcdonald and accidentally meet t-ara.. i think i won't be able to smile beautifully like this person. would be too nervous! lol
  13. hopefully this new ceo can brings more success for t-ara and other mbk artists. and as always, i hope they'll do better PR activities...
  14. hmm... wondering where they're going... eunminyeon vacation?? XD
  15. oh that's a scene from gumiho drama! ah.. how i miss our girls being in dramas or variety shows... anyway, beer + hyomin = perfection XD
  16. wow... i really love this performance. the girls are awesome! daebakkkk :3 *happy*
  17. they're so cute :3 hope 2015 will be a better year for them!
  18. i find this characteristic of her so adorable. honest and pure i also don't put much make up in daily casual occasions, so i feel her. in her case, she is natural beauty! pretty jiyeon is still pretty jiyeon eventhough without make up.
  19. wah eunjung's style really.... arrrrrghhh too cool! btw.. eunyeon's couple leather jacket? O.O
  20. lol at the Sexy Gwiyomi.. looool our girls are so funny and cute!
  21. okay.... *dies of heart attack and losing too much blood* omg park ji -.- *envy
  22. *faints* Omg... i got no words to describe my feelings rite now...
  23. this pic.. is.. bad.. for health... But she is awesome. Really.. our dino jjang!
  24. oh.. that's why she looks skinnier these days... btw, i can't wait for it... aaa curious curious curious
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